Best Photography Assistants Books

1. The Photographer's Assistant

by John Kieffer

This one-of-a-kind resource introduces aspiring photographers to the art and skill of assisting top-notch prosâÄîan incomparable way to learn the field and launch one's own promising career in photography. Revised and expanded to include the latest information on multimedia, Internet, and CD-ROM developments, this reliable guide offers technical tips on camera equipment, lighting, surface preparation, studio and location shoots--all from the perspective of…»

2. Photo Styling: How to Build Your Career and Succeed

by Susan Linnet Cox

âÄ¢ Definitive book on starting a career in photo styling âÄ¢ Essential information plus business forms and insider tips âÄ¢ Editorial, wardrobe, food stylingâÄîevery specialty is covered In real life, nothing looks as good as it does in magazines and on television. Who makes that happen? Photo stylists, thatâÄôs who! HereâÄôs the definitive book on starting a career in photo styling, from choosing a specialty in editorial, wardrobe, soft goods, room sets, food…»