Best Photography Opportunities and Competitions Books

1. 2010 Photographer's Market

by Editors of Writer's Digest Books

With 1,500 market listings, "2010 Photographer's Market" is the resource freelance photographers need to find markets for their work. No other book contains as many market listings for magazines, book publishers and stock agencies all over the world. Readers will find "2010 Photographer's Market" easy to use with its clearly marked sections and four indexes that will aid them in narrowing down the markets that interest them.»

2. Winning Digital Photo Contests

by Jeff Wignall

Digital photo contests are hot, hot, HOTâÄîand this savvy guide reveals the inside secrets and technical advice photographers need to findâÄîand winâÄîthe best competitions. Jeff Wignall covers all aspects of this rising phenomenon, from finding safe and trustworthy contests to taking visually impressive and emotionally powerful photos that will catch the judgesâÄô eyes. In addition to prizes, these contests provide digital photographers with a unique and…»

3. Success in Print Competition for Professional Photographers

by Patrick Rice

This guide features extensive discussions of the guidelines set forth for print competitions held by the Professional Photographers Association of America and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, the two largest professional organizations for photographers. Insight is offered into every aspect of competition, from the logistics of signing up to techniques for bringing out the best in submissions. The criteria by which judges determine the…»

4. Opportunities in Photography Careers

by Irvin Borowsky

Comprehensive information on a career in photography will provide readers with everything they need to make an informed career choice TheyâÄôll find out what life is like on the job, what to expect in terms of compensation, training requirements and places to go for more information. Highly focused content allows readers an in-depth introduction to this specialized field.»

5. The World's Biggest Book of Photography Competitions, Awards, Grants and Places To Sell Your Photos Online

by Steve Donovan

"The World's Biggest Book of Photography Competitions, Awards, Grants & Places To Sell Your Photos Online" is the world's largest reference book of photography contest, competition, award, grant, fellowship, scholarship and online photo sales information ever compiled. It takes in amateur and professional photography contests, awards and grants from around the world. It is the first photographer's reference work ever to do so. What photography genres does…»