Best Studio Photography Books

1. The Business of Studio Photography Third Edition

by Edward Lilley

The Business of Studio Photography is packed with proven strategies for starting a new studio or improving an existing oneâÄîand now this classic book has been thoroughly updated and revised for the new digital-imaging era. Expert advice on every aspect of running a studio is featured: location, financing, equipment, digital shooting, proofing, and ordering; marketing, Web advertising, public relations and self-promotion; pricing, negotiating with labs,…»

2. Success in Portrait Photography: Marketing and Management Techniques for Studio Owners

by Jeff Smith

This practical guide focuses on the skills photographers must possess in order to establish and run a successful portrait studio without sacrificing creative vision or a life outside the studio. Beginning with the planning stages, this guide covers the process of setting and meeting goals and offers tips for evaluating business advice and for avoiding errors often made by new business owners. Subjects covered include envisioning business goals,…»

3. How to Start and Operate a Digital Portrait Photography Studio

by Lou Jacobs Jr.

Twenty successful studio owners offer their expertise to aspiring professional photographers in this guide to operating a digital portrait studio. Every element of a thriving studio is covered, from choosing a location and determining a budget to selecting computer equipment and streamlining the digital work flow. Details on selecting backgrounds, sets, and props that set a studio apart and advice on lighting patterns, posing, and clothing selection help…»

4. Photographers and Their Studios: Creating an Efficient and Profitable Workspace

by Helen T. Boursier

The interior design of photographers' consultation rooms and camera rooms can affect the efficiency and profitability of studio photography businesses. This book explores the studios of 20 top professional photographers and examines the design problems each faced, and the solutions they devised. Photographers will learn that their space must be an efficient and practical environment in which to create their photography and that it must convey to…»