Best Alternative Photographic Processes Books

1. Artistic Photo Quilts: Create Stunning Quilts with Your Camera, Computer & Cloth

by Charlotte Ziebarth

Help quilters take photos-on-fabric beyond plop-and-drop and learn to create luminous art quilts with camera, computer, and sewing machine. 11 lessons.»

2. Mixed Emulsions: Altered Art Techniques for Photographic Imagery

by Angela Cartwright

Over 25 unique effects illustrated with process photos, finished examples, and variations.Mixed Emulsions is a follow up to Karen Michel's book, The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery. Mixed Emulsions: Altered Art Techniques for Photographic Imagery takes a slightly different tact, bringing traditional and digital photography front and center, showing the many ways that photographic imagery can be manipulated, not electronically, but using various art…»

3. Digital Negatives: Using Photoshop to Create Digital Negatives for Silver and Alternative Process Printing

by Brad Hinkel, Ron Reeder

Digital Negatives: Using Photoshop to Create Digital Negatives for Silver and Alternative Process Printing bridges the world of traditional photographic printing with digital technology. A digital negative, prepared in Photoshop, allows you to skip the dark room time developing the negatives-getting straight to a variety of printing processes including silver, platinum, and a host of other "alternative" processes. You will see this as an opportunity to mix…»

4. Digital Photo Artist: Creative Techniques and Ideas for Digital Image-making

by Tony Worobiec, Ray Spence

Accomplished photographers share their secrets for using digital technology as a tool for artistic expression. Worobiec and Spence take readers through each step in the process, starting with image capture methods utilizing compact cameras, video surveillance equipment, and flatbed scanners. Detailed instructions guide photographers through the full spectrum of digital image manipulation techniques, including filtering, solarisation, layering, masking, and…»

5. Next Steps in Altered Photo Artistry: New Ways to Transform Images for Fabric & Quilt Art

by Beth Wheeler

You've learned to print photos on fabric--now you're ready to explore the full artistic potential of altering images to create quilt art. Learn to transform ordinary photos in a dozen exciting ways with photo editing software. Bonus CD with Beth's original photos and graphics add-ons helps you alter photographs as never before! »

6. The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes

by Christopher James

Photographic artists and students of alternative process photography will welcome this new edition of Christopher James' The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes. This significantly expanded edition is a full-color, lavishly illustrated, comprehensive resource that explores every aspect of alternative process image making. With his highly conversational writing style, Christopher James explores the techniques, processes, idiosyncrasies, history, and…»

7. Copper Plate Photogravure: Demystifying the Process

by David Morrish, Marlene MacCallum

Copper Plate Photogravure describes in comprehensive detail the technique of traditional copper plate photogravure as would be practiced by visual artists using normally available facilities and materials. Attention is paid to step-by-step guidance through the many stages of the process. A detailed manual of technique, Copper Plate Photogravure also offers the history of the medium and reference to past alternative methods of practice.Copper Plate…»

8. Beginner's Guide to Digital Photo Art

by Theresa Airey

Now, digital newcomers hoping to turn their ordinary photographs into eye-catching art finally have a book created just for them! This very accessible prequel to AireyâÄôs more advanced Digital Photo Art expertly guides beginners through the wonders of digital image-making, and gives them a toolbox of creative possibilities.With plenty of visual examples to illustrate every technique from painting to printmaking, she explains how to transfer digital photos…»

9. Image Art Workshop: Creative Ways to Embellish & Enhance Photographic Images

by Paula Guhin

This book teaches the reader to think of a photograph as a canvas for a wide range of artistic manipulation and coloring techniques. Once upon a time, you hesitated to even take scissors to a photo (even an imperfect one) because if you lost its negative, youâÄôd also lose that moment in time forever. In this day of digital images and photo printers for the home computer, photographs are easily duplicated, so you never have to be concerned about preserving…»

10. Coming into Focus: A Step-by-Step Guide to Alternative Photographic Printing Processes

by John Barnier

The only comprehensive, how-to guide to antique and contemporary photo processes, from daguerreotype to digital, Coming Into Focus is the essential reference for the amateur and professional photographer. The mysterious and beautiful processes used by historic and modern art photographers-many of which don't require a formal darkroom-are revealed here in simple, step-by-step instructions and photographic illustrations by internationally recognized experts…»

11. New Dimensions in Photo Processes, Fourth Edition: A Step by Step Manual for Alternative Techniques

by Laura Blacklow

Clear instructions and step-by-step photographs teach you how to mix chemicals and apply light-sensitive emulsions by hand, how to create imagery in and out of the darkroom, how to translocate Polaroid photos, photocopies,magazine and newspaper pictures, and how to alter black-and-white and color photographs. FULL COLOR throughout for the first time, this redesigned fourth edition of New Dimensions in Photo Processes beautifully highlights the work of…»

12. In the Darkroom: An Illustrated Guide to Photographic Processes Before the Digital Age

by Sarah Kennel, Diane Waggoner, Alice Carver-Kubik

A concise introduction to the twenty-seven most common photographic and photomechanical processes, from albumen print to Woodburytype. Since the announcement of photographyâÄôs invention in 1839, various methods of making photographs have been practiced. Until the advent of digital photography at the end of the twentieth century, all of these methods required three elements: light-sensitive materials that behave predictably in response to light; chemicals…»

13. Photographer's Guide to Polaroid Transfer: Step-by-Step

by Christopher Grey

This tutorial guides photographers through the processes of Polaroid and emulsion transfers, including extracting an image, making color and positional adjustments, choosing an appropriate surface, and mounting the image. Also discussed are digital technology, printing techniques and repair tips for damaged projects, and photographic effects such as vignetting, as well as over/under exposure and tips on adding texture.»

14. Silver Gelatin: A User's Guide to Liquid Photographic Emulsions

by Martin Reed, Sarah Jones

Both an art book and a technical manual, Silver Gelatin offers an illustrated introduction to liquid photographic emulsion, a process that allows photographers and artists to produce images on the material of their choice.»

15. Photographic Possibilities, Third Edition: The Expressive Use of Equipment, Ideas, Materials, and Processes

by Robert Hirsch

Photographic Possibilities, Third Edition is a marvelously updated resource of innovative and traditional photographic processes that imagemakers have come to trust and depend on to enhance their technical knowledge, create astonishing pictures, and raise their visual consciousness. This concise and reliable handbook provides professional and advanced photography students with practical pathways of utilizing diverse photographic methods to produce engaging…»

16. The Daguerreotype: Nineteenth-Century Technology and Modern Science

by M. Susan Barger, William B. White

The discovery of light-sensitive chemicals in mid-nineteenth-century Europe carried large implications -- for scientists, technicians, astronomers, and for the businesspeople who soon made family portraiture standard tabletop fare in middle-class homes. In The Daguerreotype: Nineteenth-Century Technology and Modern Science, M. Susan Barger and William B. White begin with a history of the process itself. Tracing the daguerreotype's origins and development,…»

17. Basic Photographic Materials and Processes, Third Edition

by Nanette L. Salvaggio

In order to develop your artistic skills to the best of your ability, you first must understand the science and the fundamentals of photography. Whether you are a student of photography or a seasoned professional, this thoroughly updated edition of the classic text Basic Photographic Materials and Processes will provide all of the scientific information that you need. Full color throughout for the first time, this third edition covers new topics including…»