Best Film Photography Books

1. The Print

by Ansel Adams

The Print is the third and final book in The Ansel Adams Photography Series--the seminal guides fully revised by Ansel Adams shortly before his death in 1984. The Print, now available in paperback like the other volumes in the series, belongs on every photographer's shelf. It covers the entire printmaking process, from designing and furnishing a darkroom and experimenting with your first print, to mastering advanced techniques such as developer…»

2. The Printed Picture

by Richard Benson

The Printed Picture traces the changing technology of picture-making from the Renaissance to the present, focusing on the vital role of images in multiple copies. The book surveys printing techniques before the invention of photography; the photographic processes that began to appear in the early nineteenth century; the marriage of printing and photography; and the rapidly evolving digital inventions of our time. From woodblocks to chromolithographs, from…»

3. The Darkroom Handbook

by Michael Langford

The Darkroom Handbook is a complete illustrated manual of skills, equally useful to the beginner who has never processed film but wants to try and to the experienced amateur or professional who is already highly proficient in darkroom procedures. From the most basic techniques (setting up a darkroom, loading film in a developing tank, handling chemicals) to the most complicated (making dye transfer prints, solarization, pointillism effects), it explains…»

4. The Film Developing Cookbook

by Steve Anchell, Bill Troop

The Film Developing Cookbook is an up-to-date manual for modern film development techniques. While the original Darkroom Cookbook focused entirely on photographic chemicals and formulae, this book concentrates on films, their characteristics, and the developers each requires for maximum control of the resulting image. The Film Developing Cookbook specifically addresses the difficult subject of T-grain film development. It includes rarely found information…»

5. The Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course: A Definitive Guide to Creative Lith Printing

by Tim Rudman

The intrinsic beauty and creative potential of the lith printing process is accessible to anyone who has access to a darkroom. This technique requires only special developers that are readily available and cost no more than conventional materials. This is the first step-by-step book on this exciting approach to print making. Written by Tim Rudman, the acknowledged master of this process, the book is aimed at all levels from first time lith printer to the…»

6. Build Your Own Home Darkroom

by Lista Duren, Will McDonald

Covering every aspect from design to full operation, this clear and detailed book is perfect for photographers at all levels. It includes information on darkroom design, woodworking for the novice, lightproofing, ventilation, worktables, building enlarger baseboards, light boxes, water supply panels, print drying racks, darkroom sinks, and much more. »

7. The New Darkroom Handbook

by Joe DeMaio, Roberta Worth, Dennis Curtin

The Darkroom Handbook, Second Edition, is a completely revised and updated version of a classic guide to the best design, construction, and equipment to use when setting up a darkroom. This book features ideas and money-saving tips on how to put a darkroom almost anywhere in your home or apartment. It takes you inside darkrooms of photographers around the world including those of famous photographers such as, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, Berenice Abbott…»

8. The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition

by Steve Anchell

The art of darkroom developing and printing will never go out of style. Master darkroom specialist Steve Anchell is back to prove it in this long-awaited third edition of his enormously successful Darkroom Cookbook. Packed with over 200 "recipes," some common and others rare gems, you'll discover something new every time you open this guide, whether you're new to the darkroom or have been making your own prints for years. In addition to the formulas, you'…»

9. A Guide to the Preventive Conservation of Photograph Collections

by Bertrand Lavédrine

More than 30 years of continuing research into the preservation of photographic collections have led to a better understanding of the fragility of these images and the means by which to preserve them. A resource for the photographic conservator, conservation scientist, curator, as well as professional collector, this volume synthesizes both the enormous amount of research that has been completed to date and the international standards that have been…»

10. Elements of Black and White Printing, Second Edition

by Carson Graves

Whether you are a novice or an expert in the darkroom, the second edition of The Elements of Black-and-White Printing will give you the tools necessary to control your print making. You will learn the proper techniques for exposing a print, how to choose the correct paper contrast, and ways to find the best combination of paper and developer for your images. In addition to explaining the procedures, this unique book contains exercises that help you…»

11. Into Your Darkroom Step by Step

by Dennis P. Curtin

A thoroughly illustrated guide for beginners, this book explains everything from setting up a darkroom to evaluating and improving final prints.»

12. The Variable Contrast Printing Manual

by Steve Anchell

The Variable Contrast Printing Manual is the only comprehensive resource for photographers printing with variable contrast papers. Anchell provides a wealth of techniques and information to enable photographers to achieve the best possible results, and express their unique personal vision. As in his best-selling The Darkroom Cookbook (Focal Press), Anchell has provided the reader with an easy-to-follow approach to a medium that now dominates black-and-…»

13. The Ilford Manual Of Photography

by George E. Brown

This early works on photography is a comprehensive and informative guide on the subject and its twenty five chapters and numerous diagrams make for absorbing reading throughout with much of the information still useful and practical today. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern…»

14. Darkroom Dynamics: A Guide to Creative Darkroom Techniques

by Jim Stone

This popular book presents creative darkroom techniques in a step-by-step format. It includes multiple printing, montage, toning, reticulation, infrared film, high contrast, combination coloring, dye transfer, liquid emulsions, Sabattier, and much more. Darkroom Dynamics has the information and photographs to expand the the reader's awareness of the sophisticated images which are possible in photography today. Darkroom Dynamics has been written to be…»

15. Beginning Photography using the Stop System

by Pierre-Yves Mahe

You will find Beginning Photography using the Stop System a good way to begin your carreer in photography, a good way to take the first step. The first part of this book does not deal with how to expose film in a camera, but rather, what to do with the film after exposure. It provides a step-by-step procedure for loading and developing film, and for printing the negatives. It assumes little or no experience in developing or printing. We have tried to make…»

16. The Art Of Retouching

by J P. Ourdan

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.»