Best Digital Asset Management Books for Photographers

1. The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers

by Peter Krogh

One of the main concerns for digital photographers today is asset management: how to file, find, protect, and re-use their photos. The best solutions can be found in The DAM Book, our bestselling guide to managing digital images efficiently and effectively. Anyone who shoots, scans, or stores digital photographs is practicing digital asset management (DAM), but few people do it in a way that makes sense. In this second edition, photographer Peter Krogh --…»

2. Digital Shoebox: How to Organize, Find, and Share Your Photos, The

by Sarah Bay Williams

Most people are awash in digital photosâÄîsome taken, some receivedâÄîstuffed here and there in random folders and albums across a hard drive. In The Digital Shoebox, Sarah Bay Williams, creator of the image archiving system used by the Academy Awards®, shares her foolproof method for effectively organizing, finding, and sharing photos so you never lose track of your most precious memories.Unlike many books on digital photography that are driven by software,…»

3. Digital Photographer's Guide to Media Management

by Tim Grey

This book presents smart solutions to the difficulties of media management. It examines all the hardware, discusses archiving, gives the lowdown on portable hard drives, input and output devices, digital media cards and advanced systems. Learn software fundamentals, and see how the Internet can become a versatile tool for sharing, displaying, and selling photography.»