Best Photography Printing Books

1. The Art of Printing Photos on Your Epson Printer

by Michael Freeman, John Beardsworth

Are you a photographer looking to either print and sell your photographs, or print your photos for your own creative expression? The Art of Printing Photos on Your Epson Printer is a comprehensive guide to the techniques of fine-art photographic printing and the first book to focus on both the technical and creative aspects together. It gives you in-depth coverage of all the latest advances in printer paper and ink technology -- and how to make the most of…»

2. Fine Art Printing for Photographers: Exhibition Quality Prints with Inkjet Printers, 2nd Edition

by Uwe Steinmueller, Juergen Gulbins

Today's digital cameras provide image data files allowing large-format output at high resolution. At the same time, printing technology has moved forward at an equally fast pace bringing us new inkjet systems capable of printing in high precision at a very fine resolution, providing an amazing tonality range and longtime stability of inks. Moreover, these systems are now affordable to the serious photographer. In the hands of knowledgeable and experienced…»

3. New Epson Complete Guide to Digital Printing

by Rob Sheppard

Epson is the company at the cutting edge of quality digital photo printing, and their superb equipment makes it possible for everyone to print sparkling photographs at home. With the help of Rob Sheppard, editor of Outdoor Photographer and PCPhoto magazines, amateurs can enter EpsonâÄôs brave new world with all the latest information. This latest edition of the Epson guide reflects the increasing sophistication of ink jet printing, with its faster speed and…»

4. Print Like a Pro: A Digital Photographer's Guide

by Jon Canfield

Are you struggling to get good prints from your images? Are your digital photos hogging your hard drive instead of hanging out in snappy albums and archives? Looking for ways to improve your prints beyond simple snapshots? The popularity and convenience of digital photography has led to more pictures being taken, but fewer being turned into beautiful prints, framed, put in photo albums, and shared with others. The majority of users do nothing with their…»

5. Digital Masters: B&W Printing: Creating the Digital Master Print

by George DeWolfe

George DeWolfe is a master of the fine print: he studied with photographic geniuses Ansel Adams and Minor White, and worked as a consultant to the most significant companies in the digital photography world. Now, he passes on his considerable expertise to all, in a breathtaking new DIGITAL MASTERS guide that combines artistic concepts for taking beautiful photographs with an array of practical techniques. With interest in black-and-white exploding, digital…»

6. Creating Exhibition-Quality Digital Prints: A Photographer's Guide to Developing RAW Files and Optimising Print Quality

by Tim Daly

Focusing on using digital techniques to replicate the traditional darkroom methods used to produce fine, exhibition-quality prints, Tim Daly takes the raw digital file as his starting point and illustrates a wide range of techniques for drawing out the very best version of the latent file. Illustrated with step-by-step projects, showing each stage from start to finish, and driven by a photographic aesthetic rather than straight software techniques, this…»

7. The Digital Print: Identification and Preservation

by Martin C. Jürgens

This invaluable resource demystifies the complex, rapidly changing, and sometimes confusing world of digital print technologies. It describes the major digital printing processes used by photographers and artists over the past forty years, explaining and illustrating materials and their deterioration, methods of identification, and options for acquiring and preserving digital prints. A removable chart provides a ready reference for identifying specific…»

8. 301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques: An Essential Printing Resource for Photographers

by Andrew Darlow

The tools and techniques necessary for great digital output are now readily available and more affordable than ever. "301 Inkjet Tips and Techniques: An Essential Printing Resource for Photographers" shows photographers of all levels how to make high-quality prints through step-by-step instructions and hundreds of full-color examples from more than 20 professional photographers and other artists. YouâÄôll discover how to choose the right inkjet printer for…»

9. Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition

by Harald Johnson

"Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition" serves as a unique, comprehensive reference guide to digital printing for photography and fine art. It combines a thorough introduction to this expressive medium, instruction in the latest techniques, and a gallery of the best examples of digital art into a one-of-a-kind resource guide. Whether you are a photographer, traditional or digital artist, or printmaker, this book will help you master the techniques…»

10. Digital Printing Start-Up Guide

by Harald Johnson

Welcome to your one-stop guide through the process of digitally printing and sharing your photographs. "Digital Printing Start-Up Guide" gives you an introduction to the basics of image creation, editing, and printing, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of inkjet and other digital printing technologies, and showing you how to make better digital prints. You'll get practical advice on improving your final product through the digital imaging and…»

11. Nash Editions: Photography and the Art of Digital Printing

by Garrett White

"This is the magnum opus on digital printing and the book to read before color calibrating your monitor or wondering about differences in pigmented and dye-based inks. With little in the way of âÄúhow-to,âÄù the book focuses more on why and showcases eloquent photographs, including a heartbreakingly beautiful portrait of Marilyn Monroe, a naked World War II bomber tail gunner, and the inevitable âÄúEmperorâÄôs New ClothesâÄù work. Equally heartbreaking for far…»

12. The Digital Color Printing Handbook: A Photographer's Guide to Creative Color Management and Printing Techniques

by Tim Daly

With the rapid increase in quality of both digital cameras and desktop printing devices, photographers are increasingly aware of color management techniques. The Digital Color Printing Handbook explains all the major tools to control color, from shooting to printing, in clear, jargon-free language. Author Tim Daly reveals how to proof, preview, and predict colors more accurately and how to troubleshoot when things go wrong. These techniques work with all…»

13. Printing for Digital Photographers

by Tim Daly

Immediacy and control are big parts of digital photographyâÄôs allure. ThatâÄôs also why more and more people are printing their photos at home. Even beginners can quickly achieve professional results with the straightforward instruction and color computer screen grabs provided here. The advice helps budding photographers make smarter choices when purchasing and using photo printing equipment and supplies. There are tips for using computer workstations and…»

14. Digital Print Styles Recipe Book: Getting professional results with Photoshop Elements and your inkjet printer

by Tim Daly

There are very few books published on digital printing, but this is a topic that photographers of all levels have difficulty with. In this concise and accessible guide from digital printing expert Tim Daly, the reader is presented with a collection of easy-to-follow step-by-step spreads that outline a variety of inspiring printing styles including color, mono, chemical, print edge, vintage, expressive and more. While many digital printing books are…»

15. The Kodak Most Basic Book of Digital Printing, Updated Edition

by Jenni Bidner

Print it! Kodak, the company every photographer trusts, presents the second, updated edition of its Most Basic Book of Digital Printing. Not only does it include all the most up-to-date Kodak software versions, but also KodakâÄôs exciting new, economical all-in-one printers and inkjet solutions. This is technology made simple and effective, and this guide shows how to make the most of it. All the information on choosing equipment is here, plus advice on…»