Best 35mm Photography Books

1. Basic 35Mm Photo Guide for Beginning Photographers

by Craig Alesse

Perfect for novices, photography students, and amateurs looking to brush up on the fundamentals, this is the most accessible 35mm photography guide available. Starting with the very basics of holding and loading a camera, Basic 35mm Photography moves on to more complicated subjects of shutter speeds, film types, lenses, light meters, exposure, automatic settings, and special effects. Explanations of key topics are given, photography jargon is defined, and…»

2. The New 35MM Photographer's Handbook: Everything You Need to Get the Most Out of Your Camera

by Julian Calder, John Garrett

More than a million copies sold worldwide--newly expanded and revisedThis classic guide to 35mm photography tells you everything you need to know to take great pictures. A comprehensive and easy-to-understand resource, The New 35MM Photographer's Handbook walks you through the basics of photography, including selecting the right camera for your needs, using filters and fills, choosing the right lens for a specific shot, and approaching a wide range of…»