Best Camera Phone Photography Books

1. The Best Camera Is The One That's With You: iPhone Photography by Chase Jarvis

by Chase Jarvis

A beacon of creativity with boundless energy, Chase Jarvis is well known as a visionary photographer, director, and social artist. In The Best Camera Is The One ThatâÄôs With You, Chase reimagines, examines, and redefines the intersection of art and popular culture through images shot with his iPhone.The pictures in the book, all taken with ChaseâÄôs iPhone, make up a visual notebookâÄîa photographic journalâÄîfrom the past year of his life. The book is full of…»

2. The Camera Phone Book: How to Shoot Like a Pro, Print, Store, Display, Send Images, Make a Short Film

by Aimee Baldridge

Marketing experts predict that by 2009, nearly 90% of all cell phones will contain a camera, as manufacturers race to create cheaper, easier-to-use models with more sophisticated cameras, more pixels, flash units and even multiple lenses. Already revolutionizing audiovisual communication, it's a trend that will only grow more explosivelyâÄîand who better than National Geographic to create a how-to book aimed directly at the millions who carry a camera phone…»

3. How to Do Everything with Your Camera Phone

by John Frederick Moore

Transform unexpected moments into recorded history with the convenience of your camera phone and help from this hands-on guide. Loaded with easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of illustrations, this book will help you take better pictures, edit and enhance images, and transmit photos to your PC, the Web, other mobile phones, and email buddies. Improve your photography techniques with great advice on framing, lighting, depth of field, self portraits,…»

4. Camera Phone Obsession

by Peter G. Aitken

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then camera phones are worth their weight in gold, allowing users to capture special images and moments to instantly share with family and friends. In Camera Phone Obsession, best-selling author Peter Aitken shows readers how to get the most out of their camera phones and make the notion of "wishing you were here" a reality in words and pictures. This book captures the emerging culture of the camera phone obsession.…»

5. Route N95

by Sheldon Kotzé

Perfect small gift item. Exploration of art photography on a Nokia N95 cell phone. African photo diary of principally Namib Desert, Rolls-Royce, and random objects like the BunduBoots.»

6. Take Better Photos with Your Phone

by Peter De Ruiter

How often in the past did you see something beautiful, funny, or touching and wish you had a camera on you to capture the moment? Now, with most cell phones, we can actually snap that picture, and more of us want better results with our equipment. Renowned travel photographer Peter de Ruiter shows us how, with advice on using cell phone cameras to their full potential. He presents a wealth of tips on composition, light, timing, and viewpoint, along with…»