Best Photography Camera Books

1. The Camera

by Ansel Adams

The Camera, together with The Negative and The Print, comprise The Ansel Adams Photography Series, a legendary triad of books about photographic technique that has become the most influential "how-to"series on photography ever written. The first edition of this series was completed in the 1950s. Adams completely revised and updated it just a few years before his death, making it his last word on the technical mastery of his medium. Three generations of…»

2. Camera: A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital

by Todd Gustavson, George Eastman House

Cameras, and what they capture, forever changed our perception of the world, and of ourselves. Few inventions have had the impact of this ingenious, elegant, and deceptively simple device. This gorgeous cornerstone volume, created in collaboration with the world-famous George Eastman House, celebrates the camera and the art of the photograph. It spans almost two hundred years of progress, from the first faint image ever caught to the instantaneous pictures…»

3. Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity

by Michelle Bates

Take a tour of the burgeoning world of toy cameras and low-tech photography with Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity. Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or toy camera neophyte, you'll find Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity chock full of tantalizing tips, fun facts and, of course, absolutely striking photographs taken with the lowest tech and simplest tools around. I got me a Holga. Now What? Holgas need a little TLC before they're ready to…»

4. Camera Creative: Professional Photography Techniques for Innovative Images

by Chris Gatcum

Get the secrets behind cool, creative techniques your camera manual won't teach you! Amateur photographers looking to go beyond the basics will love this collection of 52 ways to take "wow" shots. These are the techniques you won't find in any camera manual, from exciting photo-taking ideas to post-processing tips and even gear you can make at home on the cheap, including flash diffusers, reflectors, filter gels, lenses, and more. Throughout, you'll get…»

5. The Toycam Handbook

by Various Authors

A grand undertaking! The members of have gathered their collective wisdom and experience in one tome. Featuring in-depth descriptions of new and vintage toy cameras, photographic examples, tips, tricks, modifications, film and darkroom tutorials and even some philosophical musings on the nature of toy camera photography - this is THE one book on toy camera photography that every enthusiast should own.»

6. View Camera Technique

by Leslie Stroebel

Now in its seventh edition, View Camera Technique is a unique, comprehensive book that presents clearly and precisely the features, operations and applications of view cameras. It details camera movements, image formation, exposure control, and information concerning lenses and accessories. Diagrams, comparison charts, and more than 500 photographs and illustrations by distinguished professional photographers provide the reader with the tools necessary to…»

7. User's Guide to the View Camera, A

by Jim Stone

For courses in Large-Format Photography, Zone System, Studio Lighting, Portraiture, Commercial or Industrial Photography, or any advanced course in professional or artistic photography. This book introduces photographers to the use of any camera with large-format film and to the operation of any camera with a separately adjustable back or front. Written in an accessible yet practical style, the text clearly presents the subject matter through captions,…»

8. Camera Technology: The Dark Side of the Lens

by Norman Goldberg

For anyone who has ever wondered how cameras work, this book is a pleasant way to learn. It is generously endowed with enough fundamentals to satisfy the technical specialist, without intimidating the casual but curious amateur photographer. The author has repaired, modified, and designed and analyzed cameras for the past forty five years. With this background, he goes beyond describing camera functions based on advertised data--instead the book explains…»

9. Camera Maintenance & Repair, Book 1: Fundamental Techniques: A Comprehensive, Fully Illustrated Guide

by Thomas Tomosy

This manual walks the reader through every phase of camera repair and maintenance for both electronic and mechanical models. It features basics such as how to get started, camera repair shortcuts, important dos and don'ts, cleaning techniques, general disassembly and repair methods. Also included are specialized repair techniques for hundreds of cameras and accessories, how to build test instruments, where to find parts and supplies and much more.»

10. The Medium Format Advantage, Second Edition

by Ernst Wildi

Learn the advantages and capabilities of medium-format cameras and examine all aspects of medium-format operations, including SLR, twin lens, panoramic, rangefinder, wide angle, press, and view cameras. Also explained and illustrated are lenses and their accessories, motor drives, films, flashes, filters, slides and slide projectors, and more. Includes black and white and color photographs and drawings to illustrate proper use of equipment and various…»

11. Creative Camera Control, Third Edition

by Peter Laytin

For beginning and intermediate photographers, this proven text provides the fundamentals of film photography in an easy-to-follow style. You will learn, in a step by step approach, to understand the interrelationship of the camera, lens, and film, and achieve a new level of confidence. With more control of the camera, you will be able to further develop the art of creative photography. Written by the experienced teacher Peter Laytin, Creative Camera…»

12. How to Buy and Sell Used Cameras

by David Neil Arndt

Skills needed to successfully buy and sell used photographic equipment, such as inspecting cameras and lenses, negotiating and determining retail and wholesale prices, and finding interested buyers, are covered in this guide. Key issues surrounding used-camera sales are examined, including the impact of collector demand, how geography influences camera prices, and legal matters such as return and refund rights. Real-life case studies, camera-condition…»

13. Rangefinder: Equipment, History, Techniques

by Roger Hicks, Frances Schultz

Small, light, quiet, and easy to use, with compact lenses that provide good contrast, rangefinders have always had their devotees. Whether you are about to buy a new model, wondering how to get the best from one you own, or reminiscing about the camera you once had, this is the ultimate guide to the rangefinder. Filled with inspiring photos and practical advice, it helps both users and collectors filter out the hype and choose the equipment that best suits…»