Best Photography Books on Classic Cameras

1. Comprehensive Guide for Camera Collectors

by David Williamson

Written for the camera collector and photography buff, this comprehensive collectors guide and history takes a novel approach to both the instruments and the image. Illustrated with over 500 color photographs, this volume moves from the camera obscura to digital imaging, with major developments in cameras in-between and the many of the images captured with them. Early inventors and photographers are highlighted in the discussion of the the evolution of…»

2. Classic Cameras

by Colin Harding

From Colin HardingâÄôs highly successful âÄúClassic CamerasâÄù feature, which runs regularly in Black and White Photography magazine, comes a superb showcase of photographic equipment. These 75 cameras, drawn from the National Media Museum in Bradford, England, appear in chronological order, with a chapter for every era and a double-page spread devoted to each camera. They range from old, rare, sophisticated and expensive models to some that are relatively…»

3. Collector's Guide to Kodak Cameras

by Joan McKeown, James McKeown

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4. Selecting and Using Classic Cameras: A User's Guide to Evaluating Features, Condition & Usability of Classic Cameras

by Michael Levy

Targeted more at photographers than at camera collectors, this guide concentrates on cameras made between 1920 and 1965. Older cameras can help a photographer master every aspect of manual photography and can be a valuable tool in every studio. The pros, cons, and problems that are common to each model are discussed. Listings provide a history of each style, discuss what each camera is best suited for, and provide tips on where particular models are most…»

5. Kodak Cameras: The First Hundred Years

by Brian Coe

This revised edition covers the "Golden Age" of Kodak cameras with listings of more than 600 cameras in nine extensively illustrated chapters. It now includes an index and is produced with a hardbound PLC case as other compendiums.»

6. The Hove International Blue Book

by John Wade

Every edition of the "Hove International Blue Book" evolves into something different from the last. The 14th edition is certainly no exception. An "A to Z" of collectible cameras with descriptions, price guides and rarity values, this new edition has a sizeable increase in pages to accommodate many new entries and pictures. This latest edition has been edited again by John Wade, well-known for his books and articles on collectible cameras. In the last…»

7. Canon Rangefinder Cameras 1933-68

by Peter Dechert

A complete history of the Canon Rangefinder cameras. Every model is described, as well as their lenses, variations, numbers, etc.»

8. Photographica: The Fascination With Classic Cameras

by Rudolf Hillebrand, Gunther Kadlubek

This beautifully illustrated collector's guide lists and describes over 300 timeless cameras at all levels of development--from the early plate cameras of c. 1900 to the pocket cameras of today. Informative captions provide dates of production, specifications, and current values for each camera. A helpful introduction to the hobby provides information about the development of photographic technology, the history of important manufacturers, and an overview…»

9. Zeiss Ikon Cameras 1926-39

by D. Tubbs

The story of the birth of Zeiss Ikon by the mergers of 1926; the resulting fantastic array of cameras in the Zeiss catalogue, followed by rationalization and development of new cameras, especially the Contax and other 35mm cameras, up to the outbreak of war in 1939. The final part lists Zeiss Ikon cameras from 1926 to 1939.»

10. Cameras for Collectors

by Scott Faragher

Since the earliest days of cameras and photography, the idea that an event or a person could somehow be frozen in time and preserved forever has fascinated people. This absorbing book features many of the most famous and historically significant cameras ever produced from the 1930s through the 1990s. Famous American brands such as Imperial, Kodak, Spartus, Polaroid, and Argus are shown, as well as early cameras from Beacon, Packard, and Falcon. Camera…»