Best Photography Filters Books

1. The Photographer?s Guide to Filters

by Lee Frost

In this comprehensive guide Lee Frost offers clear answers to the many questions raised about this popular, but largely misunderstood, area of photography. Through easy-to-follow reference charts, specially commissioned comparison shots and inspiring images, beginners will see what filters are available and how to use them: the more experienced can use the images as a source of inspiration. »

2. Creative Optical & Digital Filter Techniques

by Joseph R. Meehan

In the most comprehensive book on the subject, renowned author Joe Meehan details the use of both optical and digital filters in creative digital photography.Meehan walks both complete beginner and advanced amateurs through the various ways they can employ neutral density or polarizing filters to even out exposures or use soft-spot and diffusion filters to add atmosphere to portraits. ThereâÄôs also in-depth instruction on working with digital in-camera…»

3. Mastering Filters for Photography: The Complete Guide to Digital and Optical Techniques for High-Impact Photos

by Chris Weston

The most comprehensive, updated resource on using optical and digital filters to create stunning effectsWhether you're shooting nature, wedding, portrait, landscape, or any other type of photography, filters are indispensable tools for bringing images closer to the way our eyes actually perceived the scene in real life, as well as for creating unique mood and color effects. In Mastering Filters for Photography, author CHRIS WESTON covers everything you…»

4. The Digital Photographer's Guide to Filters: The Complete Guide to Hardware and Software Filtration

by Ross Hoddinott

This definitive book on photographic filters for the digital age features over 200 inspirational photographs. Author is a respected landscape and nature photographer, exclusively using digital cameras. Digital photography has changed the art of filtering forever--no longer is it just a matter of in-camera technique, but now encompasses a wide range of manipulations in the digital darkroom. In this comprehensive guide for the modern photographer, Ross…»

5. Professional Filter Techniques for Digital Photographers

by Stan Sholik

Providing total control of a photograph, this guidebook details camera filters and the simple, inexpensive ways they can be employed in order to move from simply taking pictures to capturing imaginative images. Discussing a vast array of filtersâÄîfrom screw-in and slide-on filters for traditional film cameras to the cutting edge, post-production software associated with digital camerasâÄîphotographers will find practical, professional advice alongside photo…»