Best Photography Lens Books

1. David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Using Digital SLR Lenses

by David D. Busch

Are you ready to go beyond the basics with your digital SLR camera but are unsure which interchangeable lens or two to buy and more importantly, how and when to use each lens? "David BuschâÄôs Quick Snap Guide to Using Digital SLR Lenses" offers focused, concise information and techniques on how to use different lenses to take great photographs. YouâÄôll begin with a quick overview of how lenses work and the types of lenses available, including normal,…»

2. Photographic Lenses: Photographer's Guide to Characteristics, Quality, Use and Design

by Ernst Wildi

The camera lens determines, to a great extent, the quality of the image produced in any camera and must be a major consideration when selecting a camera and lens for serious work. This guide offers a complete, dedicated treatment of all types of lenses for all types of cameras, including digital. Explored in detail are the terminology of lenses, how different lens types function, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of lenses, and how the…»

3. Applied Photographic Optics, Third Edition


Selected by the American Library Association's 'Choice' magazine as "best technical book", the first edition of this book soon established itself as the standard reference work on all aspects of photographic lenses and associated optical systems. This is unsurprising, as Sidney Ray provides a complete, comprehensive reference source for anyone wanting information on photographic lenses, from the student to the practitioner or specialist working with visual…»

4. Lensbaby: Bending your perspective

by Corey Hilz

If you've ever wished you could learn about all of the creative possibilities the Lensbaby offers, this is the book for you! Seeing subjects with a new perspective is at the heart of the Lensbaby experience, and with the essential information found in this book, you'll be able to take your creative exploration to the next level. Written by Lensbaby Guru Corey Hilz, Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective starts off with an overview of each lens in the Lensbaby…»

5. Telephoto Lens Photography

by Rob Sheppard

The complete guide to telephoto lenses, with tips for shooting wildlife photos, sports and action shots, portraits, outdoor landscapes, and other pictures with your telephoto lens. Includes over 100 black and white and color photos. »

6. Optics in Photography

by Rudolf Kingslake

Explains fundamental optical principles that apply to photography, cameras, and lenses. Intended for professionals and serious amateur photographers as well as lens designers and optical engineers.»

7. Camera Lenses: From Box Camera to Digital

by Gregory Hallock Smith

This book is an exploration and appreciation of cameras and their optics, covering all major lens types from the earliest to the most recent--including those roving the surface of Mars. A recurrent theme of this book is that lens types invented in the 19th century are just as useful in the 21st century. Another continuing theme is the impact of the digital revolution and the use of imaging in radically new circumstances. This book should be of interest to…»

8. Lenses for Digital SLRs

by Ross Hoddinott

ItâÄôs very easy, when investing in new camera gear, to put all your energy into choosing the right body, only for that most crucial of factors âÄì the lens âÄì to become an almost secondary consideration. Lenses for Digital SLR redresses that balance. Covering everything from focal length to depth of field, prime versus zoom lenses and specialist optics, this book manages to unravel the technicalities of lenses while remaining comprehensible and reader-friendly…»