Best Pinhole Photography Books

1. Pinhole Photography, Fourth Edition: From Historic Technique to Digital Application

by Eric Renner

A respected guide for creatives, artists and photographers alike, Pinhole Photography is packed with all the information you need to understand and get underway with this wonderfully quirky, creative technique. Covering pinhole photography from its historical roots, pinhole expert Eric Renner, founder of, fully explores the theory and practical application of pinhole in this beautiful resource.Packed with inspiring images, instructional…»

2. Build Fun Paper Cameras: Take Eye-Catching Pinhole Photos

by Justin Quinnell

Even in the age of digital, we can have plenty of creative fun the low-tech (and low-cost) way: by building cool paper cameras and exploring the fascinating world of pinhole photography.Justin Quinell takes photography back to its roots by demonstrating how to create attractive pinhole camerasâÄîthat actually work. Instead of a lens, these cameras have a very tiny hole that âÄúfocusesâÄù every point of light passing through it onto paper, thus imprinting the…»

3. Primitive Photography: A Guide to Making Cameras, Lenses, and Calotypes

by Alan Greene

Primitive Photography considers the hand-made photographic process in its entirety, showing the reader how to make box-cameras, lenses, paper negatives and salt prints, using inexpensive tools and materials found in most hardware and art-supply stores. Step-by-step procedures are presented alongside theoretical explanations and historical background. Streamlined calotype procedures are demonstrated, featuring different paper negative processes and…»

4. Camera Obscura

by Abelardo Morell, Luc Sante

Abelardo MorellâÄôs magical camera obscura images blur the boundaries between interior and exterior worlds.»