Best Black and White Photography Books

1. Black and White Photography, Third Revised Edition

by Henry Horenstein

This all-new edition of BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY has been totally redesigned and updated to encompass the latest photographic techniques, materials, and processes. It includes information on new and improved films and printing papers, automation, digital photography, and monochromatic and hand-colored images, as well as a portfolio section of images by notable contemporary photographers. Offering a uniquely clear, concise, thorough introduction to one of…»

2. The Complete Guide to Black & White Digital Photography

by Michael Freeman

Michael FreemanâÄîour top digital photography author and a worldwide nameâÄîpresents the most comprehensive book yet on black-and-white digital photography. Oversized, beautifully illustrated, and far-reaching in scope, this guide is destined to be a standard reference for years to come.Freeman covers all aspects of black-and-white digital photography: its fine art tradition as well as its techniques. Learn how to see and expose in black and white, digitally…»

3. Black and White in Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom: A complete integrated workflow solution for creating stunning monochromatic images in Photoshop CS4, Photoshop Lightroom, and beyond

by Leslie Alsheimer, Bryan O'Neil Hughes

Black and white photography has come a long way in the digital world. This comprehensive reference will help you maximize your workflow with coverage of all of the relevant new features of Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2, including every stage of the black and white process from capture to printing. Along the way, you'll find in-depth explanations of key topics such as color management, optimizing your workspace, softproofing and calibration (both onscreen…»

4. The Art of Black and White Photography: Techniques for Creating Superb Images in a Digital Workflow

by Torsten Andreas Hoffmann

Over the last few years, most books on photography emphasized explaining the new breed of cameras and how to master the digital imaging workflow. In The Art of Black and White Photography Torsten Andreas Hoffmann takes a different approach, as he focuses on image composition and image capture, with an emphasis on the creative aspects of black and white photography, rather than on the digital workflow. After introducing the ground rules of composition, the…»

5. Advanced Digital Black & White Photography

by John Beardsworth

Digital photographers can now attain the enduring beauty of black-and-white photography in their own work! ThereâÄôs more to monochrome than just discarding the color in Photoshop, but many books simply treat it as an afterthought. Not this one! John Beardsworth teaches every major method of making a color picture black and white, and explains what kind of images are best, and why. Both ambitious newcomers and advanced enthusiasts will learn how to achieve…»

6. Black and White Digital Photography Photo Workshop

by Rob Gardiner

How to create stunning black and white photos in a digital format Shooting pictures in black and white presents unique challenges for beginners and experienced digital photographers alike. A strong understanding of photographyâÄôs fundamentals is crucial to capturing great black and white images, and factors such as contrast and lighting are much more integral to black and white photography than to color. Black and White Digital Photography Photo Workshop…»

7. Creative Black and White: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

by Harold Davis

Learn how breaking photographic rules can result in stunning black-and-white photos Black-and-white photography poses unique challenges; without color to guide the eye, contrast, lighting, and composition take on even more importance. Renowned photographer Harold Davis explains these elements and demonstrates the basic rules of black and white photography as well as when and how to break them. He breaks through the complexity of this photographic medium,…»

8. Basics Photography: Post-Production: Black and White

by Steve McLeod

Take photography beyond the basics with expert advice on printing and processes * Beautiful photos by top photographers illustrate each technique * Small, portable format * Distinguished author renowned for his printing expertise Now beginning or advanced photographers can learn to lift their work from the ho-hum to the breathtaking using different processes in the conventional or digital darkroom. Everything is covered in Basics Photography: Process: how…»

9. Workbook for Black & White Photography

by Kim Mosley

This workbook is keyed to Henry Horenstein's Black and White Photography, 3rd Revised Edition. Mosley's workbooks have been used since 1978 in classrooms or as self-teaching guides to strengthen oneÃÇâÄôs understanding of the craft of fine photography. Each includes a syllabus and assignments for a one-semester course. Designed to help students learn to read and understand a technical manual, these workbooks are useful, either for weekly assignments or as a…»

10. Mastering Black-and-White Photography: From Camera to Darkroom

by Bernhard Suess

Now updated and expanded to cover the latest information on the impact of digital imaging and Internet technology, Mastering Black and White Photography covers every aspect of the process, from choosing a camera and building a darkroom to finding subjects and creating dazzling prints. Readers will discover expert advice and no-fail techniques for developing a contact sheet; creating a final print, using the Internet to present a portfolio, making extra…»

11. Black & White Photography in a Digital Age: Creative Camera, Darkroom and Printing Techniques for the Modern Photographer

by Tony Worobiec

*Combines a traditional technique--black-and-white photography--with the latest technology *Shows readers how to create their own high-quality, fine art prints Black-and-white photography has always been a favorite topic among amateur photographers, but many digital photography books assume the reader is working with color images. With this concise guide, black-and-white enthusiasts can finally learn exactly how to enhance their creations with digital…»

12. Digital SLR Black & White Photography

by Ilex Photo

This quick-reference guide to black and white photography offers tips into creating unique, elegant, and sophisticated images while on the move with your digital camera. The book provides instant instruction on how to see and compose great black & white shots, and how to capture images that make great results.»

13. Mastering Black and White Digital Photography

by Michael Freeman

Black and white has an enduring appeal that just keeps on growing. Above all, it's a medium for the fine print--one that benefits immeasurably from digital technology and inkjet printers. Written by a photographer well-known for his ability to explain complex digital concepts to a variety of audiences, this essential guide on the art of black and white is packed with information, hints, and tips, along with a plethora of stunning images. Discover how our…»

14. Mastering Digital Black and White: A Photographer's Guide to High Quality Black-and-White Imaging and Printing

by Amadou Diallo

The very nature of black and white photography places a premium on creative interpretation of the image. Advances in digital technology have expanded both the precision of imaging techniques and the interpretive possibilities for black and white imagery. Never before has such a wide array of tools been available to photographers who have a passion for black and white. Mastering Digital Black and White is written for these photographers. It serves not only…»

15. Black and White in Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Lightroom: Create stunning monochromatic images in Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Lightroom, and beyond

by Leslie Alsheimer

Black and white photography has come a long way in the digital world. Feeling overwhelmed by the endless conversion options in (and around) Photoshop, Lightroom and beyond? If so, you are not alone, and this is definitely the book for you!In this thoroughly up-to-date book that covers all of the new features of Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom, you'll learn how to use methods within an application or raw converter, scripts, plug-ins, and more. Leslie Alsheimer…»

16. Exploring Basic Black & White Photography

by Joy McKenzie

Abundant photographs and illustrations visually enhance the fundamental information offered in this new book for learning the manual operation of basic equipment, including a 35 mm camera. Unique in its use of student photographs, this introductory-level book provides a starting point for work in black and white photography that fosters ideas, inspires creativity, and serves as a method for measuring oneâÄôs own work and techniques. Basic darkroom skills are…»

17. Black & White Photography: A Practical Guide

by Steve Mulligan

Traditional black and white photography has a special appeal that never goes out of style. Even in the digital age, photographers remain endlessly fascinated by its creative possibilitiesâÄîand this richly illustrated guide offers them a comprehensive introduction to both the art and craft of creating fine monochrome prints. Throughout, it emphasizes ways to master the necessary camera and darkroom techniques and achieve a personal vision every time you…»

18. The Photographer's Guide to Black & White: A Complete Masterclass

by John Freeman

The art of black and white has become increasingly mainstream, embraced by photographers of all levels. Amateurs eager to make the most of the medium will find coverage of every important area in this guide by popular photography author John Freeman. Filled with numerous diagrams and dynamic images, it offers discussions of equipment, from a basic flashgun to a professional studio setup; depth of field; and exposure. Master advanced skills such as making…»

19. National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Digital Black & White

by Richard Olsenius

Veteran National Geographic photographer, photo editor, and filmmaker Richard Olsenius provides a compelling case for capturing the essence of people and landscapes through black-and-white photography and shares his secrets to mastering the craft.The ability of the black-and-white photograph to strip away the unnecessary and concentrate a message through form, shadow, and light provides its intrinsic strength. Because of its power to communicate, black and…»

20. Digital Black & White Photography

by John Beardsworth

Focusing on black and white photos, this book looks at both the camera and techniques needed to capture good images, as well as the digital processing that can be applied. Black and white is the first area aspirant photographers express an interest in. Spanning the topic from capturing photos through to the latest information on digital printing and DVD burning, this book provides amateurs with a solid foundation. The digital focus of this book is…»

21. Black & White Photography Techniques with Adobe Photoshop

by Maurice Hamilton

Fine art quality, black-and-white prints are within every photographer's reach with the techniques illustrated in this digital image editing guide. Taking advantage of the control and reproducibility that the digital darkroom offers, this handbook teaches photographers how to fine-tune images with contrast and exposure levels, crop and rotate images for dynamic results, and remove flaws such as dust and scratches long after the photograph has been taken.…»

22. In My Mind's Eye: Seeing in Black and White

by Charlie Waite

For more than 20 years, Charlie WaiteâÄôs images have enthralled lovers of landscape photography everywhere. Now, in a very special collection, he presents the first volume devoted solely to his black-and -white pictures. In the great tradition of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, he finds in black and white a perfect vehicle for revealing his creative vision. These photographs are rich in reflective surfaces and filled with texture, luminosity, and mystery.…»

23. 100 Ways To Take Better Black & White Photographs

by Michael Milton

-Practical advice and easy-to-understand techniques -Over 100 inspirational photographs to support and expand the text From a photographer experienced in the world of professional landscape and fashion photography comes this accessible and essential guide to the classic art of black and white photography. Author Michael Milton provides a bevy of techniques and a wealth of advice to guide both beginning and experienced photographers, whether they're using…»

24. Professional Techniques for Black & White Digital Photography

by Patrick Rice

This professional guidebook provides tips to create technically correct and highly marketable digital black-and-white photographs. Designed to instruct professional and experienced amateur photographers, this highly visual format features 100 landscape, portrait, and wedding images from 20 leading digital imaging experts. Advice is included for utilizing professional digital effects, selecting an appropriate SLR camera, and managing difficulties and…»

25. Basics Photography: Working in Black & White

by David Prakel

ItâÄôs a black-and-white world with Basics Photography: Working in Black & White. This final title in the successful Basics Photography series covers all aspects of black-and-white photography in both film and digital formats. Ever wonder how colors become grayscale tones? Read this book, and understand. Understand, too, how photographers can learn to âÄúseeâÄù in black and white, how to explore the great themes of black-and-white photography, and how to develop…»

26. A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Black & White Photography

by John Clements

For the tradition-minded, true photographic art will always be black and white. But today, the digital darkroom offers a degree of artistic control the masters of the past would envy. Each dramatic photo shown here, whether it was captured digitally or on film, became a work of monochrome art in the computer (even if it was originally shot in color). Readers will learn how to achieve similar results, print the images to best effect, and share them with the…»

27. Black & White Digital Photography: Creating & Manipulating Great Monochrome Images

by Les Meehan

Innovations in digital technology have created an array of new options for photographers. Now, accomplished freelance photographer Les Meehan provides a comprehensive guide to using this technology to produce high-caliber black and white photographs. From basic concepts to advanced techniques, Meehan introduces and explains all of the factors that go into creating great monochrome prints. Topics include proper camera calibration, controlling white balance…»

28. Aspects of Expression: Exploring the Art & Craft of Monochrome Photography

by Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher looks back on the first 20 years of a lifetime's work dedicated to creating monochrome prints, and forward to the way in which the medium is likely to develop in the future. He discusses the ways in which monochrome photographers have used darkroom techniques to refine and enhance their images, and the ways in which such techniques have been used to change the mood of a photograph and to increase its emotional impact. He also asks whether…»

29. Photography FAQs: Black and White

by David Prakel

Black and white is the heritage of photography, and this latest reference in the popular series offers a comprehensive look at the style for the amateur who wants to know moreâÄîespecially those who have no experience in the form. Each section deals with a different aspect of the topic, from what black and white photography is to the lighting and exposure requirements needed to capture a good monochrome image. Learn about grey scale, how colors become tones…»

30. Marketing and Selling Black & White Portrait Photography

by Helen T. Boursier

Photographers who specialize in black and white or who wish to add black-and-white portraiture to their repertoire will find invaluable tips in this complete marketing manual. This book shows photographers how set up black-and-white displays for maximum impact. It also discusses how to generate new business using posters, newsletters, mailers, and special promotions, where and when to advertise, and how to build business by donating services to local…»

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31. Black & White

by William Cheung

Take your photography to new heights of artistry by working in black and white. Wonderful images by a master photographer, accompanied by jargon-free explanations of concept, composition, and technique, provide amateur photographers with the inspiration and information they need to make the most of monochrome. Begin by developing the ability to visualize an image in black and white. Select the proper film-even experiment with special effects film, and work…»