Best Commercial and Advertising Photography Books

1. Photographing Arts, Crafts & Collectibles: Take Great Digital Photos for Portfolios, Documentation, or Selling on the Web

by Steve Meltzer

A classic reference enters the digital age! The long anticipated update of Steve MeltzerâÄôs Photographing Your Craftwork is hereâÄîand finally artists have a guide that helps them produce high quality images of their work. Cutting through the jargon and hype around digital photography, Meltzer explains in plain language how digital cameras operate, and explores specific techniques for lighting and photographing jewelry, pottery, glass, installed art, stamps,…»

2. Food Styling for Photographers: A Guide to Creating Your Own Appetizing Art

by Linda Bellingham, Jean Ann Bybee

"You eat with your eyes first," and no one turns a photograph of food into a culinary masterpiece like a food stylist. Food Styling for Photographers is the next best thing to having renowned food stylist Linda Bellingham by your side. Linda has worked with clients Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, McDonald's, Tyson Foods, FritoLay, and many, many more. Professional photographer Jean Ann Bybee has worked with Harry & David, Dominos, Sara Lee, Seven-Up Company, and…»

3. Digital Food Photography

by Lou Manna

Great food always elicits strong reactions-the smell of freshly baked bread, the taste of a perfectly prepared steak. The job of a food photographer is to elicit that same mouth-watering reaction, but without the benefit of scent or taste. A well-shot photograph can send crowds flocking to a new restaurant or boost the sales of a culinary magazine. Capturing the perfect image requires a trained eye, finesse, and photographic skill. Digital Food Photography…»

4. Lighting and Photographing Transparent and Translucent Surfaces: A Comprehensive Guide to Photographing Glass, Water, and More

by Glenn Rand

Whether shooting a pair of eyeglasses for an advertising campaign or a glistening pond for an outdoor wedding portrait, this reference offers complete guidance for capturing transparent and translucent materials, such as plastic, glass, water, and more. Starting with the most basic approaches to lighting glass and other materials, and progressing into strategies for shooting more complex situations, this resource offers technical tips and creative guidance…»

5. Commercial Photography Handbook: Business Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers

by Kirk Tuck

Targeting new and experienced commercial photographers alike, this invaluable guide explores the different aspects and challenges of succeeding in the industry. Approaching the subject systematically, the topics begin with determining what kind of commercial photography to pursue and how to get the training needed to carve out a niche in the market. Continuing to delve further, the topics expand to marketing techniques, negotiation skills, estimating and…»

6. Master Lighting Guide for Commercial Photographers

by Robert Morrissey

From lighting glass objects to photographing models indoors and out, this handbook demonstrates how to effectively use and manipulate light using a variety of traditional and unconventional lighting equipment. Written for both the professional and the serious amateur photographer, this guide explains the different types of light and how to work with modifiers such as panels, umbrellas, grids, and mirrors. More than 100 detailed lighting diagrams help…»

7. Advertising Photography: A Straightforward Guide to a Complex Industry

by Lou Lesko, Bobbi Lane

If you are an aspiring or professional photographer looking to break into advertising, "Advertising Photography: A Straightforward Guide to a Complex Industry" will provide you with an honest and uncensored look at this highly competitive and lucrative business. While working in the advertising photography industry can be glamorous and financially rewarding, it can also be intimidating and difficult to break into, requiring networking savvy, financial know…»

8. How to Succeed in Commercial Photography: Insights from a Leading Consultant

by Selina Maitreya

Photographers looking to develop their vision, values, and business plans will find the keys to success in How to Succeed in Commercial Photography. Veteran photography consultant Selina Maitreya provides photographers at every career stage with all the tools they need for a prosperous career and a rewarding life in commercial photography. She tells photographers how to:· Rise above the competition · Build a dynamic professional team · Develop a powerful…»

9. Professional Commercial Photography: Techniques and Images from Master Digital Photographers

by Lou Jacobs Jr.

Presenting ideas and commentary as well as photographs, this collection offers new photographers revelations and wisdom from professionals and informs them how to achieve commercial success. Commercial photographers create images that are designed to sell products, services, political candidates, organizations, corporations, and any other marketable commodity or idea, and their clients range from advertising agencies, manufacturers, retail stores, hotels,…»

10. Shooting for Dollars: Simple Photo Techniques for Greater eBay Profits

by Sally Wiener Grotta, Daniel Grotta

It's a simple fact of selling on eBay: better product shots directly translate into higher bids and greater profits. Shooting for Dollars: Simple Photo Techniques for More Profitable eBay Auctions provides detailed, comprehensive, easy-to-understand advice, guidelines, and instruction that will assist both new and experienced eBayers through every step necessary to produce consistent, accurate, appealing and effective visual listings. Shooting for Dollars…»

11. Fine Art Portrait Photography: Commercial Techniques and Images in Black and White

by Oscar Lozoya

Creating vibrant lighting effects and using special effects and dynamic poses are techniques that can mean the difference between simple black an whit photographs and memorable pieces of fine art. The author analyzes over 50 fine-art portraits, explaining what mix of photographic techniques made each a success. This book features tips on using simple props and backdrops, creating publicity images, and taking nude and portrait photographs.»