Best Infrared Photography Books

1. Digital Infrared Photography

by Deborah Sandidge

"Digital Infrared Photography," an all new guide that illustrates and explores the enchantingly beautiful world of infrared images. By simply adding a filter to the camera lens, or using a converted camera, digital photographers can capture infrared (IR) images featuring expressive skies, dramatic clouds, and intriguing white foliage. Illustrated with hundreds of striking IR images taken from around the world, this unique guide shows photographers how to…»

2. Digital Infrared Photography

by Cyrill Harnischmacher

To record the "invisible light " has always been an intriguing and fascinating experiment. The infrared part of the light spectrum is outside the range of what the human eye can see, but with a digital camera, we are able to record only this "invisible light " while blocking the "visible " part. The results are often unusual, yet beautiful, renderings of otherwise fairly common scenes. Since as far back as the 1960 's artists have experimented with analog…»

3. The Art of Color Infrared Photography

by Steven Begleiter

Demystifying the elusive art of creating color infrared images, this guide offers in-depth techniques to capture light beyond the visible spectrum with color infrared film. Beginning with the history and facts of color infrared film, including mounting and storage, this book also discusses light and color theory, working with filters, getting desired colors, and technical light solutions. These methods can be used by amateurs and professionals to create…»

4. Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography

by Joe Farace

Cameras can capture what the eye canâÄôt perceive: the presence of infrared light. And shooting infrared (IR) with a digital camera makes it easier than ever to create distinctively dreamlike, high-contrast black-and-white pictures. Using a wealth of stunning images, this thorough resource explores the technical and creative possibilities of this unique and increasingly popular medium. Get tips on focus and exposure; IR filters; and having a camera converted…»

5. Digital Infrared Photography: Professional Techniques and Images

by Patrick Rice

Presenting advances in infrared photography, which has long been an artful alternative to traditional color or black-and-white photography, this guide provides tips for creating vivid infrared prints. Previsualizing the effects of infrared light on a subject, successfully using Adobe Photoshop to heighten the effects of infrared images, and creative toning and framing strategies are discussed. The savings from shooting digitally and using imaging programs…»

6. David BuschâÄôs Digital Infrared Pro Secrets

by David D. Busch

Infrared photography can provide unique and flattering portraits, eye-catching close-ups of flowers, travel photographs unlike any you've ever seen before, and, if you know a few tricks, a new perspective on sports photography. You may have seen infrared photos without even being aware that they are infrared images! This full-color, hands-on book includes numerous do-it-yourself tutorials that show you how to convert your existing camera for IR use. You'll…»

7. The Art of Infrared Photography

by Joseph Paduano

Enter the mystical world of infrared photography. Author Joseph Paduano covers the equipment and techniques one needs to produce stunning infrared images in b&w or color". . . . escorts the reader into a fascinating area of photographic experimentation".--NEW YORK TIMES.»

8. Infrared Photography Handbook

by Laurie White

Loaded with photographic examples, this guide shows the range of possibilities of infrared photography and provides a thorough introduction to this increasingly popular art. Every aspect of working with infrared is introduced, including the use of filters, digital cameras, night photography, film and print development, and even hand coloring.»

9. Infrared Landscape Photography

by Todd Damiano

Focusing on the techniques needed specifically for the use of infrared to shoot landscapes, this book walks the reader through everything form finding the best locations to how to select the best equipment. More than 50 compelling images are analyzed and used to illustrate tips and techniques.»

10. Advanced Infrared Photography Handbook

by Laurie White Hayball

Exploring the range of possibilities available with infrared film, which responds to light beyond the visible spectrum, this book presents advanced techniques for capturing impressive images. Beginning with an overview of the basics of light, sensitivity, optics, and film handling, this book builds on introductory techniques to teach photographers how to visualize the effect of infrared film on their subjects. The final step of creating infrared images…»