Best Miscellaneous Photography Books

1. Numismatic Photography, 2nd edition

by Mark Goodman

In this second edition of Numismatic Photography, author Mark Goodman has fine-tuned the secrets to quality digital coin photography through a structured, systematic approach that is easy to apply, simple to learn and guaranteed to produce spectacular results. The chapters are divided into two parts: Essentials and Advanced, allowing beginning photographers to learn without being overwhelmed while still providing more advanced photographers with the…»

2. How to Digitally Photograph Cars

by Jason Siu, Josh Mackey

The introduction of the digital camera brought about one of the biggest changes in the photography industry. Film slowly began to fade away, and with it, many of its antiquated styles and procedures. Digital photography was further revolutionized in 1991 with the release of the first digital SLR. Coincidentally, one year prior, in 1990, Adobe released the groundbreaking photo-editing software Photoshop. Fast forward to present day and it is obvious that…»

3. How to Photograph the Paranormal

by Leonore Sweet

Profusely illustrated with dozens of photographs, this is everyoneâÄôs guide to investigating the paranormal world. Sweet shows that paranormal light forms known as orbs are all around us and can be documented by anyone with a camera. Sweet, who holds a Ph.D. in Esoteric Studies from American Pacific University, outlines the history of orbs including why theyâÄôre here and what theyâÄôre trying to communicate to us.»

4. The World's Top Photographer's Workshops: Celebrity & Performance

by Andy Steel

The WorldâÄôs Top PhotographersâÄô Workshops pairs in-depth, practical advice with stunning images and personal tips from the worldâÄôs leading photographers. The latest in this series, Celebrity and Performance, offers hardworking, incisive, and comprehensive advice on this field of photography. This book shows how to shoot big personalities; the challenge being to capture something special and unique from celebrities who spend many of their waking hours in…»

5. Kirlian Photography

by John Iovine

Use your own camera to take Kirlian photographs Electrophotography, commonly called Kirlian photography, remains a subject of speculation and controversy almost 150 years after its discovery. Many people maintain that the study of Kirlian photographs can detect illness in plants and animals before any outward symptoms materialize. Whatever its validity, Kirlian phenomena fascinates many in the fields of science and art. In Kirlian Photography, John Iovine…»

6. Aviation Photography

by T. Malcolm English

A revised and expanded edition of A Guide to Aviation Photography, with new images and updated text that takes into account the latest advances in camera technology and changes in the aviation world. With this richly illustrated guide, amateur shutterbugs and airplane buffs can capture every thrilling shot theyâÄôve ever dreamed of. It explains everything about equipment, the right techniques for a variety of situations, and how to capture images ranging…»

7. Bus Photography for the Digital Age

by Mark Lyons

The definitive digital photography guide which no serious road transport enthusiast can afford to be without! This fantastic new guidebook offers a wealth of practical advice and suggestions for producing top quality images of the road transport scene with a digital camera. As well as detailing all the basic principles of digital photography and how it differs from film, the author also provides a concise overview of the different types of cameras…»