Best Digital Camera Photography Books

1. Confessions of a Compact Camera Shooter: Get Professional Quality Photos with Your Compact Camera

by Rick Sammon

Top photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon shares his best tips and tricks for getting high-quality images with your point-and-shoot camera Prolific author and renowned photographer Rick Sammon shares essential tips, tricks, and advice from years of vast and unique photography experiences. Packed with pointers and helpful hints, this handy, full-color guide can travel with you on your journeys for getting stunning photographs taken with point…»

2. Pro Photographer's D-SLR Handbook

by Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman has a well-earned reputation for effectively explaining the concepts behind digital picture-taking. Here, he turns his attention to professionals and advanced hobbyists who need help moving to digital and mastering the latest technology. Taking into account contemporary camerasâÄô latest features, such as high resolution sensors, image stabilization, and dust reduction, Freeman thoroughly answers the most frequently asked questions about…»

3. 50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques

by Kevin L. Moss

Praise for 50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques "Applying the lively techniques in this book will make anyone's digital camera a more productive tool." -Al Francekevich, professional photographer, on the first edition Your digital camera is an amazing and versatile creative tool, with features and capabilities you probably haven't even explored-until now. Here are step-by-step instructions for 50 hot new techniques that take advantage of all the latest camera…»

4. Quick Snap Guide to Digital SLR Photography: An Instant Start-Up Manual for New dSLR Owners

by David D. Busch

If you're a serious photographer, you know that no other camera offers as much sophistication and versatility as the digital SLR. The drawback to this sophistication comes in the form of tedious and lengthy user manuals that can make it difficult to find the essential information you need to get started. Quick Snap Guide to Digital SLR Photography provides you with a concise introduction to the most important features of your dSLR camera. Each topic is…»

5. Mastering Digital SLR Photography

by David D. Busch

Are you ready to use the new breed of digital SLR to go beyond point-and-click snapshooting and explore what it has to offer the world of photography? If you have already conquered most of a digital camera's basic capabilities and now wonder what to do with the enhanced features found in digital SLR cameras, this is a dream guide to pixel proficiency. Mastering Digital SLR Photography, Second Edition includes extensive updates that cover the vast…»

6. Digital SLR Pro Secrets

by David D. Busch

Have you mastered the basics of digital SLR photography and are ready to take full advantage of the unique tools and capabilities that digital SLR cameras have to offer? "Digital SLR Pro Secrets" shows you how to combine your artistic skills with your growing photographic proficiency as you capture compelling images. Today's digital SLR cameras are less expensive and more sophisticated than ever, but along with these special features and capabilities come…»

7. Digital SLR Shooting Tips

by Ilex Photo

This handy camera bag guide is packed with instantly accessible insider hints and tips for perfect photography, all gleaned from some of the world's best professional photographers.»

8. Digital SLR Handbook

by John Freeman

Sales of digital SLR cameras are up an astonishing 400 percent in the last two years. ThatâÄôs a lot of cameras. But not a lot of people know how to get the most out of a digital SLR. Digital SLR Handbook takes readers through all the steps needed to get great photographs from these powerful devices, from choosing equipment, to understanding memory and modes, from composition to photographic themes to special applications like underwater or night photography…»

9. Digital Camera Tricks and Special Effects 101: Creative Techniques for Shooting and Image Editing

by Michelle Perkins

Adding ghostly images, transforming skin to fur, and creating stop-action photography are among the special effects digital photographers learn in this guide to manipulating a camera's conventional settings for unconventional and artistic effect. The camera itself provides the initial departure point from traditional photography as photographers are encouraged to use "incorrect" exposure settings, "poor" focus, and reflections to create striking and…»

10. The Digital SLR Bible

by Nigel Hicks

CatCopyII "The Photography Revolution: From Film to Digital *Facilitates the transition to Digital SLR technology from traditional, film-based photography *Includes 250 color example photos by well-known photographer, Nigel Hicks *Showcases the latest digital equipment This is a comprehensive guide to understanding the Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera--fast-becoming the industry standard. Just as turntables were replaced by CD players, 35mm users…»

11. The Digital Compact Camera: Release Your Compact's Full Potential

by Mark Lucock

This book contains straightforward, informative advice on how to obtain professional results from a simple compact camera. It includes more than 50 case studies on the subjects of travel, nature and landscape photography. It is packed with inspiring photographs from all over the world. Almost everyone owns a digital compact camera nowadays, but how many are aware of just how versatile a tool it can be? In "The Digital Compact Camera", photographer Mark…»

12. How to Do Everything: Digital Camera

by Dave Johnson

Capture stunning photos with your digital cameraNow you can take professional-quality shots every time-no matter what kind of digital camera you're using. Completely updated for the latest technologies, How to Do Everything: Digital Camera, Fifth Edition shows you how to take full advantage of all of your camera's features and settings. You'll learn the fundamentals of photography, composition, lighting, and exposure, and get techniques for different…»

13. PCPhoto Digital Compact Camera Handbook

by Rob Sheppard

Last seasonâÄôs updated PCPhoto Digital SLR Handbook gave camera owners a great manual with all the technical guidance they needed; now, photographers who own compact digital cameras get their turn. Open up this richly illustrated volume and find in-depth instruction, with all relevant concepts, operations, and terms masterfully explained so amateur photographers can take full advantage of all of the newest features of these amazingly capable units. In…»

14. The Digital SLR Expert Portrait Photography

by Various Contributors

'Subject-specific advice from five leading professionals - Eamonn McCabe, Steve Shipman, Bjorn Thomassen, Matt Hoyle and Mark Cleghorn - that specialize in portrait photography.Chapters include working with people, posing, indoor lighting techniques and weeding photography plus key Photoshop processes and printing tips.»

15. Mastering Your Digital SLR: How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Camera

by Chris Weston

Here is the definitive guide for the digital camera enthusiast. This book is a practical, step-by-step handbook for those who want to make the leap from compact digital or film SLR to digital SLR, or existing SLR owners who are ready for the next level of experimentation and expertise. This new revised edition features updated equipment and techniques, and takes readers through the digital workflow. Chris Weston explains the intimate workings of the DSLR…»

16. The Digital SLR Guide: Beyond Point-and-Shoot Digital Photography

by Jon Canfield

Have you stepped up to a digital single-lens-reflex (dSLR) camera only to find the range of capabilities daunting? Combining features traditionally found on 35mm film cameras âÄî precise shutter speed and exposure settings, interchangeable lenses and accessories, superior image quality âÄî with the ease and storage capacity of digital cameras, a dSLR is a powerful new tool that can create truly great digital pictures. But the learning curve for photographers…»

17. Creative DSLR Photography: The ultimate creative workflow guide

by Chris Weston, Chris Coe

Amongst the wealth of books aimed at helping you to understand and use your camera equipment and software, Creative DSLR Photography is a rare gem that focuses on the real art of photography and the creative, design and composition skills needed to take your work to the next level.Beginning with the basics of visualisation and perception, the book gives clear guidance on how to interpret a scene, define a subject and develop a personal style. It covers the…»

18. PCPhoto Digital SLR Handbook, Revised & Updated

by Rob Sheppard

Here is a photographerâÄôs dream manual, with the newest and hottest cameras, high-quality images, and unequaled, in-depth information provided by an expert author and PCPhoto, the best photography magazine on the market. This fully updated handbook includes a thorough examination of the newest technology issues, including megapixel counts, new image stabilization and sensor cleaning features and live LCDs on D-SLRs. ThereâÄôs a discussion of the importance of…»

19. Digital SLR from Click to Print: The Go-To Tips, Techniques, and Photographer's Tricks

by William Cheung

Do you have a new camera and arenâÄôt sure what to do with it? This essential and practical beginnerâÄôs guide to digital SLR photography will help get the most out of your camera. Expert photographer William Cheung has written this essential guide to DSLR camera technology with the beginner in mind. All of the text is in plain, easy-to-understand language. It takes budding photographers through every stage from choosing and getting to know their camera, to…»

20. Picture Yourself Getting the Most Out of Your Digital SLR Camera

by James Karney, Terrence Karney

Picture yourself capturing the moment and taking exceptional photographs of family parties, sporting events, or holiday celebrations. "Picture Yourself Getting the Most Out of Your Digital SLR Camera: Step-by-Step Instruction for Taking Great Photographs of Your World" shows you how to maximize your digital SLR camera and will get you from simply taking pictures, to creating outstanding photos to display and share. This book teaches the essential skills…»

21. Understanding Digital Cameras: Getting the Best Image from Capture to Output

by Jon Tarrant

Understanding Digital Cameras will help you to:* Choose the right camera, lens and output option to capture the perfect image * Develop great technique, whatever your style or subject matter * Be inspired! Showcasing a wide range of images, plus the work and insights of guest photographers This key resource for all photographers will help you get the very best from today's sophisticated digital cameras. Discover which type of camera, lens, lighting and…»

22. Digital SLR Photography in Easy Steps

by Nick Vandome

In terms of affordability, quality, and functionality, there has never been a better time to buy a digital SLR camera. With the help of this well-illustrated and easy-to-use guide, even those new to digital photography can achieve stunning results. It begins by demystifying digital cameras and explaining basic functions such as exposure, shutter speed, aperture, lighting, and focusing. It then shows how to create a robust workflow for downloading,…»

23. Click!: The No Nonsense Guide to Digital Cameras

by Ron White

Light on idle chat and heavy on practical advice, this No Nonsense guide will get you from point A to point Z with instruction that's short and sweet, clear and concise. Inside, you'll find enough useful information and helpful pointers to transform you into a first-rate digital camera user in no time. »

24. On the Road with Your Digital Camera

by Michael Freeman

"On the Road with Your Digital Camera" outlines the facts that a beginning digital photographer needs to know in order to be successful while traveling. Rather than merely focusing on digital photography technique, this book offers in-depth coverage of topics such as planning and preparing for photography trips (researching locations, camera choice, and maneuvering through security and customs) and issues the traveling digital photographer may encounter on…»

25. Digital SLR Handbook

by Andy Rouse

It's the digital age for cameras, as successful pros and beginners alike realize they'll never run out of film, face the wrong weather, ruin a sequence, or lose a treasured album. An award-winning TV director shows how easy it is to enjoy a Digital SLR camera for capturing a baby's first step, the winning basket, or the peak of a sunrise. The explanations come without the usual jargon, but with the author's own photos to illustrate each technique: choosing…»

26. Digital Camera Techniques

by Jon Tarrant

The best photographs start with proper attention behind the camera before you take them. Jon Tarrant shows you how to achieve this by fully explaining how digital cameras work so you too can achieve professional-looking results without having to resort to image manipulation on a computer. Jon explains all the basics of digital cameras: their anatomy; an outline of broad classes, indicated by price bands and features offered; a comparison with existing…»

27. Digital SLR Handbook

by Jon Sparks

This is a jargon-busting guide that covers the latest developments in digital technology. It covers everything from setting up the camera to managing the finished photograph. It is must for any keen DSLR user, in a handy camera bag size for quick reference out in the field. The digital SLR is now the standard for all keen photographers. In this jargon-busting guide, professional photographer Jon Sparks guides readers through the incredible array of…»