Best Close-Up Photography Books

1. Creative Close-Ups: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

by Harold Davis

Product Description The art of macro photography-photographing small objects or super close-ups of small sections of big objects-yields fascinating results, but shooting at this level brings its own set of challenges. Now you can shoot close-ups with confidence and creative flair with this information-packed guide. Renowned photographer Harold Davis provides pages of field-tested techniques on focus, depth-of-field, exposure-even the appropriate equipment…»

2. John Shaw's Closeups in Nature

by John Shaw

Hailed by American Photographer as "the master of the closeup," one of the country's foremost nature photographers offers the first book to apply closeup techniques to the subject of nature. 190 full-color and 20 black-and-white illustrations.»

3. Close-Up Photography in Nature

by Tim Fitzharris

This is the guide for great close-ups of plants, animals, insects and small landscapes For this updated edition, master photographer Tim Fitzharris includes the latest developments in digital photography and how they affect close-up nature photography. He shares his proven techniques for capturing once-in-a-lifetime images and inspires both amateur and professional photographers to improve the quality and beauty of their work. Packed with reliable…»

4. Digital Nature Photography Closeup

by Jon Cox

âÄ¢Many digital cameras come equipped with close-up featuresâÄîbut few users understand them âÄ¢Combines two of the hottest topics in photography today: digital and nature âÄ¢Perfect companion to Digital Nature Photography. Some 59.3 million digital cameras will be sold this yearâÄîand most come fully equipped with close-up features that let users get up close and personal with all the wonders of nature, from birds and trees to flowers and insects to underwater…»

5. How to Photograph Close-Ups in Nature

by Nancy Rotenberg, Michael Lustbader

121 color photos, 7 x 9 Guide to macro-photography gear and techniques How to recognize and compose intimate natural scenes Stunning small-scale images await the photographer with the eye and skill to capture them images that exist virtually anywhere. Master photographers and veteran teachers of close-up photography Nancy Rotenberg and Michael Lustbader explain the equipment, techniques, and aesthetic principles needed to create personal masterpieces.…»

6. Butterfly Photographer's Handbook: A Comprehensive Reference for Nature Photographers

by William B. Folsom

An in-depth look at butterflies and how to best capture them on film, this fascinating handbook is equal parts field guide and photography handbook. A complete overview of the winged creaturesâÄô ecological system is provided, which details everything from species identification and the habits and habitats of North American butterflies to differentiating moths from butterflies and learning where and when it is best to find these beautiful insects. Armed with…»

7. The Art and Science of Butterfly Photography

by William Folsom

Butterflies are a favorite subject of nature photographers, but capturing them on film requires skill, special equipment, and an understanding of their behavior. Starting with a basic discussion of butterfly anatomy, this book delves into the details of their habits and habitats-including where and how they live and where and when to look for specific breeds. This information helps photographers find butterflies and lure them in front of the camera. An…»