Best Nature Photography Books

1. Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, Revised Edition

by Brenda Tharp

A classic guide to creative nature photography, now updated for the digital world.Amateur and experienced photographers interested in taking more compelling, personal images will love this new edition of Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, now updated to address the exciting possibilities (and challenges) of digital image-making. Author Brenda TharpâÄôs inspiring approach has garnered fans all over the world, as she teaches that magical skill no camera…»

2. John Shaw's Nature Photography Field Guide

by John Shaw

An updated bestseller, this book of extraordinarily beautiful photographs of nature contains state-of-the-art instruction on how any photographer can aim for equally impressive results every time a camera is focused on the great outdoors. Even highly skilled photographers are often baffled by the problems facing them when they work outdoors. But with this exceptional field guide in hand, every photographer-beginner, serious amateur, semi-pro, and pro-can…»

3. Galen Rowell's Inner Game of Outdoor Photography

by Galen Rowell

âÄúPhotographs as timeless, as stunning, and as powerful as nature itself.âÄùâÄîTom Brokaw In this renowned guide to capturing the outdoor world on film, Galen Rowell, the master of nature and adventure photography, reveals the art, craft, and philosophy behind his world-famous images. Now available in paperback for the first time, this groundbreaking work remains both an inspired manual to taking better pictures and an inspiring journey of discovery into the…»

4. Photographing Nature: A photo workshop from Brooks Institute's top nature photography instructor

by Ralph A. Clevenger

25 years of nature photography instruction in one gorgeous, full-color, hands-on courseAnyone can photograph natureâÄîjust step outside and youâÄôre on location. But becoming a good nature photographer takes expert training. In Photographing Nature, Ralph Clevenger, whose images have appeared in such publications as NatureâÄôs Best and National Geographic, shares the techniques heâÄôs been personally using and teaching to aspiring photographers for the last 25…»

5. Digital Nature Photography: The Art and the Science

by John and Barbara Gerlach

Over 50,000 photographers can't be wrong! John and Barbara Gerlach finally write the book their workshop attendees have been asking for!Digital Nature Photography is a how-to guide for photographers who want to take their work to the next level. Written by professionals with over 20 years experience, the Gerlachs reveal enlightening techniques for shooting nature images in the field. The combination of artistic approach and impeccable technique will help…»

6. The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital Nature Photography

by Jim Miotke

* Step-by-step lessons cover every aspect of digital nature photography * Clear text and helpful photos demystify digital photography * Miotke has taught hundreds of photo workshops From the tiniest ladybug to a towering glacier, from a horse running in a field to a leaf falling slowly from a tree, nature subjects offer some of the greatest challenges and the greatest rewards to photographers. In the Better Photo tradition, hereâÄôs a complete photo course…»

7. The Magic of Digital Nature Photography

by Rob Sheppard

For anyone who has tried to capture a blazing sunset or catch the stark and simple beauty of bare tree limbs in winter, this manual will prove irresistible. Rather than providing ideas of what to photograph, Sheppard presents invaluable insider techniques and insights: use a histogram to get the ideal exposure, or white balance to create atmospheric images. Find out how to shoot crisp close-ups or awe-inspiring panoramic shots, and how to enhance pictures…»

8. Fine Art Photography: Water, Ice and Fog

by Tony Sweet

Streams, lakes, rain, ice, mist, and fog provide the photographer with a wealth of opportunities to make great images. In this inspirational how-to book illustrated with some 70 stunning colour photos, master photographer Tony Sweet explains how to make the most of those opportunities. With a focus on sharpening the skills of interpretation, he shows how to create beautiful photographs of water in all its forms.»

9. National Audubon Society Guide to Nature Photography: Digital Edition

by Tim Fitzharris

A professional course in digital nature photography. National Audubon Society Guide to Nature Photography is a comprehensive reference and inspiring guide to taking outstanding photographs of the great outdoors. Renowned photographer Tim Fitzharris shares his foolproof techniques, emphasizing digital photography field procedures for a wide variety of nature shots. Everything needed to achieve professional results is covered, including: The best digital…»

10. The Ultimate Guide to Digital Nature Photography

by The Mountain Trail Photo Team

Today's digital cameras are wonderful creative tools for nature photographers, but they can be a challenge to masterâÄîa problem that is thoroughly solved by the lessons provided in this guide by 10 of the most respected nature photographers in America. Representing the knowledge of professionals who have produced photography books and calendars, worked for nature magazines, and taught hundreds of photography workshop students, the book offers a step-by-step…»

11. Boyd Norton's Outdoor Digital Photography Handbook: How to Shoot Like a Pro

by Boyd Norton

Pro photographer Boyd Norton provides expert advice and hard-won secrets on digital wildlife, landscape, and nature photography. Guiding you from the field to the computer, he reveals how to create superb nature and landscape photographs with your digital camera. Lenses, lighting, and much more are discussed for the professional and amateur alike. Filled with helpful tips and tricks, this comprehensive volume will hone your technique while expanding your…»

12. John Shaw's Business of Nature Photography

by John Shaw

In this manual John Shaw shares what only years of experience can teach - his personal game plan for running a profit-making photography business. He provides a discussion of all aspects of the business, including legal and financial issues, equipment, computers and software, copywriting, storing, and filing slides, packaging and mailing photographs, invoicing, and office management. He also examines the kind of pictures that will sell, finding clients,…»

13. The Art of Outdoor Photography: Techniques for the Advanced Amateur and Professional

by Boyd Norton

With "The Art of Outdoor Photography", Norton has created a comprehensive volume on the art and technique of outdoor shooting. Tips on lenses, shutterspeed, depth of field, and lighting are presented for professionals and experienced amateurs alike. Norton's fascinating anecdotes and invaluable pointers will engage many levels of photographers. His vivid photos illustrate key concepts, and run the gamut from markets in Kenya to mountaintops in Siberia.…»

14. 100 Ways to take better Nature & Wildlife Photographs

by Guy Edwardes

This guide is suitable for all levels of photographers, 100 Ways to Take Better Nature and Wildlife Photographs features 100 practical and inspiring tips on every aspect of the genre.Guy Edwardes' breath-taking pictures accompany his eas-to-follow advice on a wide range of subjects from capturing the actions of large mammals to snapping wild birds and flowers in the garden.With tips on everything from technique to composition, coping with extreme field…»

15. Photographing Weather

by Storm Dunlop

Nearly everyone with a camera has photographed at some point in their lives a striking sunset, or tried to capture a beautiful rainbow, but there are many more subjects worth recording in nature. The ever-changing clouds, the colorful effects of our atmosphere: photographing weather presents a unique challenge. This unique guide by a specialist in the field shows you how to identify meteorological events, and capture them convincingly on camera. Starting…»

16. Fine Art Nature Photography: Advanced Techniques and the Creative Process

by Tony Sweet

This book of nature photography instruction and inspiration features striking full-color images and concise, informative text. It includes the author's stunning nature images from across the United States. The text offers specifications on equipment used, when and where the photos were taken, details on why the image works, what the photographer was looking to accomplish, how the image was shot, and unique lighting or compositional challenges the image…»

17. Nature Photography: Insider Secrets from the World's Top Digital Photography Professionals

by Chris Weston

Have you ever wondered what it is that professional photographers do day in and day out that enables them to take consistently compelling images? Or thought that unravelling the insider secrets of the professionals could inspire you? This book takes a contemporary and innovative approach to revealing the day-to-day habits of the world's most successful wildlife, landscape and macro photographers, divulging the core skills and techniques through which they…»

18. Photoshop CS4 for Nature Photographers: A Workshop in a Book

by Ellen Anon, Josh Anon

Using field-tested methods and practical instruction in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, this book reveals eye-opening techniques, terrific workflow ideas, and timesaving ways to apply a broad array of Photoshop tools to optimize digital images of nature. YouâÄôll encounter spectacular photographs from exotic places around the world shot by the authors, as well as tips and examples from some of the most esteemed professional nature photographers. In…»

19. Fine Art Digital Nature Photography

by Tony Sweet

Digital cameras and software have revolutionized the world of photography. With seemingly endless products available, photographers are challenged to find what will work best for their individual needs. Renowned photographer Tony Sweet guides readers through numerous lessons, from performing camera "swipes" and creating abstract images to applying filters and transforming infrared images--all illustrated with his stunning nature photographs. Readers will…»

20. The Art of Photographing Nature

by Martha Hill

The first how-to book by Art Wolfe, America's most renowned nature photographer, written in collaboration with the former photography editor of Audubon magazine. Together, they help everyone from novice to experienced amateur to see like a photography professional. Full-color photographs.»

21. Basic Essentials Photography in the Outdoors, 3rd

by Jonathan Hanson

An information-packed tool for the novice or handy reference for the veteran. Distills years of knowledge in an affordable and portable book.»

22. Fine Art Nature Photography: Advanced Techniques in the Creative Process

by Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet's guide to taking beautiful color photos of outdoor scenes is now revised and updated, with new information about working digitally. With stunning landscapes and close-ups, all annotated by the author, and many taken within a few miles of his home, this guide offers how-to information for the beginner or advanced photographer.»

23. Digital Nature Photography

by Jonathan Cox

Digital Nature Photography is the definitive how-to book on photographing nature with a digital camera. Focusing primarily on the art of taking the picture in the fieldâÄîrather than just manipulating the image after it has been shotâÄîthis comprehensive guide is geared to the nature photographer who is fairly new to the world of digital cameras. Packed with step-by-step directions and resplendent full-color examples from the authorâÄôs own body of work, readers…»

24. Outdoor Photographer Landscape and Nature Photography with Photoshop CS2

by Rob Sheppard

It's time to see Photoshop as a tool of your craft This book is not about "fixing it in Photoshop." It's about how you, the serious nature photographer, can use technology to enhance your art. Rob Sheppard sees Photoshop not as an eraser for mistakes and the effects of careless shooting, but as an artist's tool, one that assists you in the craft of producing art from your digital camera. He shows you how to use Photoshop CS2 to extend tonal range, remove…»

25. The Ultimate Guide to the Nature Photography Digital Darkroom

by Ian Plant, Joseph Rossbach

Filled with useful and practical information, this reference on digital photography offers a step-by-step approach to nature image editing and computer processing. Detailed and inspiring, this tutorial explains digital nature photography from the basics to advanced techniques and instructs photographers on how to optimize their images. Topics include equipment selection, digital raw conversion, image editing, and digital darkroom processing. »

26. National Audubon Guide to Nature Photography

by Tim Fitzharris

Proven techniques for making award-winning photographs of the great outdoors. The National Audubon Society Guide to Nature Photography is an inspiring reference for both amateur and professionals who want to improve the quality and beauty of their work. The book reveals time-tested field techniques and artistic insights guaranteed to improve any photographer's portfolio. Every aspect of photographing nature is comprehensively covered: landscape, wildlife,…»

27. Mastering Nature Photography: Shooting and Selling in the Digital Age

by John Kieffer

A one-stop resource to shooting and selling nature photography, this guide provides a comprehensive real-life account of the field's working conditions along with the artistic, business and technical skill needed to succeed in it. The information is presented in a practical field-guide format, for users of both traditional and digital equipment. Topics covered included basic techniques and practices in nature photography from the various types of…»

28. The Art of Photographing Water: Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls, Streams & Seashores

by Cub Kahn

The field techniques photographers need to photograph water with pleasing results, including motion control when photographing running water, lighting, shutter speed, and framing and perspective, are explained in this guide. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities, ages, and experience levels, five major photographic themes are presented through clear instruction and series of photographic comparisons that illustrate the varying results of…»

29. How to Photograph Water

by Heather Angel

135 color photos, 7 x 9 How to capture water in all its forms as the subject in nature photos Technical and artistic advice from an acclaimed nature photographer Water is often the most dramatic element in a landscape reflections on a still pond, waves along a rocky coastline, mist shrouding a forest clearing, ice coating the branches of a tree. But capturing water on film can be a challenge. Look over the shoulder of an expert as she shows how to…»

30. Digital Nature and Landscape Photography

by Mark Lucock

Landscape photography is one of the last bastions of traditional film, but this is slowly changing, as more and more leading photographers adopt digital technology. This beautifully produced and illustrated reference outlines simple techniques for assuring that your nature images achieve both technical and creative excellence. Covering everything from using a digital camera in the field to image-editing methods in the digital darkroom, it elaborates on the…»

31. L

by Jim Rowinski, Kate Rowinski

A beautifully illustrated in-depth guide that offers practical instruction on making the best of your outdoor shots, for beginning through intermediate photographers.»

32. Outdoor Photography: Landscape, Action and Wildlife Photography for the Outdoor Enthusiast

by Jon Sparks

Photography and the outdoors could have been made for each other. This book has been produced for outdoor enthusiasts who want their photographs to do full justice to the quality of their outdoor experience. A central theme is that point and shoot is a state of mind. It is not what camera you have, but how you use it that really counts. And how you use it depends first on seeing, and on knowing what you want your pictures to convey. There is still a place…»

33. L

by Jim Rowinski, Kate Rowinski

The L.L. Bean Outdoor Photography Handbook offers practical instruction on making the best of your outdoor shots, for beginning through intermediate photographers. Perhaps the most common motivation behind the novice's study of photography is to be able to capture the beauty of the natural world, and here are the fundamentals: an introduction to understanding light; primers on equipment, film, exposure, gear, storage, and display; in-depth how-to advice on…»

34. Outdoor Photography Masterclass

by Niall Benvie

Want to capture the glory of a sweeping meadow or an old oak tree at sunset? Learn how, in just three days, with Outdoor Photography Masterclass! Day one begins with a technical overview, from sharpness and calibration to workflow and digital options. Next exercise those new-found skills right in the field. Finally, helpful tips guide photographers through finishing effects and the final presentation. Niall Benvie makes the seminar easy to follow, and…»