Best Travel Photography Books

1. National Geographic Ultimate Field Guide to Travel Photography

by Scott Stuckey

This superb practical guide to travel photography combines the best of all worlds: convenient size, comprehensive coverage, and useful, straightforward advice from the experts of National Geographic Traveler, the highest circulation magazine in its field. ItâÄôs the perfect "how-to" for anyone seeking to master the veteran photographerâÄôs trademark skills: a strong sense of place; a swift, decisive eye; and a sure instinct for the dramatic scene.Be it a…»

2. Photo Trekking: A Traveling Photographer's Guide to Capturing Moments Around the World

by Nick Onken

Pursue your photography passion. See the world. Professional photographer Nick Onken leads you on a global adventure in this behind-the-scenes guide to the new generation of travel photography. Get an insider's guide on every step of the journey: Break into the travel photography industry Prepare for a successful trip Shoot great pictures on location Build your business and brandPhoto Trekking shows you how to hit the ground running, shoot from the heart,…»

3. Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures

by Richard I'Anson

Return from your travels with the pictures you've always wanted!In this third edition of Lonely Planet's best-selling Travel Photography, internationally renowned travel photographer Richard I'Anson shows you how to avoid common photography mistakes and to develop your compositional and technical skills as a photographer. It's full of practical exercises and examples to hone the tips and techniques outlined in the text, and stunning travel photographs…»

4. The Photographer's Eye Field Guide: The essential handbook for traveling with your digital SLR camera

by Michael Freeman

Whether on a weekend city break or a month-long trekking vacation, this handy litle guide will be your indispensable companion. Taking photos that really capture the essence of your time away is a real skill, and swamped with a multitude of choices, it can be hard to organise your time and focus on the shots that really matter. Written by Michael Freeman, one of the world's leading travel photographers, this portable mine of information takes a hands-on…»

5. Digital Masters: Travel Photography: Documenting the World's People & Places

by Bob Krist

As we travel to new places, digital camera in hand, we all feel the desire to capture them forever in images: the scenic vistas, the unique architecture, the people who inhabit that landscape. With this magnificent new study, award-winning National Geographic photographer Bob Krist can help us achieve our goal. ItâÄôs distinguished from other digital how-tos by its comprehensive scope, easy-to-grasp explanations, inspirational attitude, and upscale…»

6. National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Travel

by Bob Caputo

For more than a century National Geographic photographers have traveled the globe capturing stunning images of all cultures and landscapes. Now national Geographic photographer Bob Caputo reveals secrets of the trade and shows readers how to improve their own travel photographs. Practically everyone becomes an amateur photographer when they travel. Whether it's family vacation to Disney World or a once-in- a lifetime African safari, photographs are a way…»

7. Digital Travel Photography Digital Field Guide

by David D. Busch

Your digital camera is the perfect travel companion. You don't need to pack extra film, worry about airport scanners, budget for processing costs, or wait until you get home to learn whether you got that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Tuck this book in beside your Frommer's(r) travel guide and you'll have everything you need for fantastic photos-how to watch for the right opportunity, compose the picture, work with lighting-even how to edit and upload from the…»

8. Digital Photography Outdoors: A Field Guide for Travel and Adventure Photographers

by James Martin

This title is fully illustrated in color with examples of great and not-so-great photographs. It offers new tips on the latest digital techniques: noise reduction and sharpening to minimize image degradation; adjustment layers and layer masks; and use of the flash outdoors.It also offers expanded coverage of recent features in Photoshop including the Spot Healing Brush, Image Processor, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and Lens Correction menu. The title presents…»

9. Travel Photography: Tread Your Own Path

by Steve Davey

Want to capture images of immense festivals and endangered wildlife or, perhaps, take the best photo when bungee jumping or underwater? Steve Davey, author of the hugely successful Unforgettable Places To See Before You Die, provides the know-how on these experiences plus many more. This first-ever photography guide from Footprint is not only visually striking and inspiring but also provides comprehensive advice, covering all the technical aspects of…»

10. Digital Travel Photography

by Dan Heller

An exotic landscape does not necessary equal a stunning photographâÄîbut knowing the secrets of the professionals helps. This sumptuously photographed guide shows both accomplished amateurs and snapshot-taking tourists how to hone their skills so they can get a good picture no matter where in the world they are. In fabulous detail, it explores the wide variety of available equipment, from batteries and lenses to flashes and filters; offers lessons in…»

11. Rick Sammon's Travel and Nature Photography

by Rick Sammon

Go on location around the globe to learn the techniques that professional photographers use to make great photographs. Whether traveling with family or friends, for pleasure or for business, more of us tote cameras along than ever before. Rick Sammon guides us through dozens of different shooting situations from action shots to portraits, from aerials to zoos, from low light to bright light, from landscape to cityscape, from close-up to panorama, from…»

12. Travel Photography: A Complete Guide to How to Shoot and Sell

by Susan McCartney

This new edition will help every photographer, whether amateur or experienced, to uncover new ways of taking exceptional pictures on the road. World-acclaimed travel photographer Susan McCartney offers both a definitive guide to honing skills as well as a business manual of expert tips for making each endeavor profitable. This new edition has been revised and expanded to cover: bringing equipment up-to-date; handling lighting; composing portrait, landscape…»

13. Urban Photography

by Richard I'Anson

RICHARD I'ANSON is the author of Travel Photography, the first book in this series. His photographs have been published worldwide in magazines including Wanderlust, Escape and Conde Nast Traveller. His work also appears in more than 300 Lonely Planet titles. o Cityscapes and aerials, architecture and interiors, public art and life on the streets o Taking both classic and original views of much-photographed icons o Exposure, composition and making the best…»

14. How to Shoot Great Travel Photos

by Susan McCartney

Illustrated with 150 breathtaking images from the author's own collection, How to Shoot Great Travel Photos presents a comprehensive road map to the challenges and rewards of capturing original, top-notch travel photos. World traveler and master photographer Susan McCartney provides tested techniques for shooting magnificent photographs at practically every exotic scenario imaginable, along with advice for exposures, films, filters, and lighting. There's…»

15. Digital Travel Photography: Urban Landscapes

by Alex Chow

Meaningful, intriguing photographs are not always flashy and glamorous. Touristy shots of famous, iconic landmarks can chronicle your itinerary, but these typical postcards are also a dime a dozen. A captivating photograph is a reflection of your journey. It tells a story about the world the way you experienced and appreciated it. Digital Travel Photography: Urban Landscapes is a guide for the traveling photographer who aims to create images that are more…»

16. Photography at Sea: Techniques for capturing amazing photographs afloat

by Patrick Roach, Fred Barter

Whether a sloop under full sail or a cruising speedboat leaving huge bow waves in its wake, there are seemingly impossible factors for photographers at sea to contend with: hard to reach angles, a spray-filled atmosphere, fast-moving targets and an unstable platform. One of the worldâÄôs top marine photographers provides expert advice in this full-color illustrated guide that explains the secrets to composing and getting the best shot and most dramatic…»

17. Extreme Digital Photography

by Jonathan Chester

"Extreme Digital Photography" offers practical advice for taking digital photographs in extreme environments. It covers the practicalities of equipment, trip planning, communication and survival, along with in-depth guides to various locales - from climbing Everest, to rafting the Takeze, to surviving the Sahara, and features stunning photographs taken from every region. It gives serious, in-depth information for people planning to take their digital…»