Best Wildlife Photography Books

1. Digital Wildlife Photography

by David Tipling

The ultimate reference for aspiring and established natural history photographers. Digital photography has quickly become the norm for all photographers. For those shooting wildlife in particular, it has opened new realms of expression and technique. This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide is suitable for photographers of all levels of experience and covers all aspects of using digital equipment for wildlife photography. Wildlife photographer David…»

2. Success with Wildlife Photography

by Steve Toon, Ann Toon

Anyone with a passion for wildlife and wild places will find beautiful inspiration in this comprehensive, thoroughly illustrated guide. Aimed primarily at the keen amateur or semi-pro, Success with Wildlife Photography reveals the secrets that have worked so well for Steve and Ann Toon in their decade as professionals. It provides expert advice on cameras, accessories (such as zoom lenses and filters), and other necessary equipment, as well as all the…»

3. Wildlife Photography

by Richard I'Anson, Andy Rouse

ANDY ROUSE is renown for his noval and evocative images that convey the experience of getting up close and personal with some of the greatest and potentially most dangerous creatures in the world. o Birds and sea life, nocturnal animals, on safari and at the zoo o Approaching wildlife ethically (and safely!) o Capturing close-ups and portraits, group and habitat shots o Exposure, focal length and making the best use of natural light o What to take and…»

4. The Master Guide for Wildlife Photographers

by Bill Silliker Jr.

Detailing the knowledge required to obtain professional-quality wildlife photographs, this book outlines techniques usually reserved for hunters to get close to animals to produce intimate portraits of wildlife. Photographers learn the keys to success, metering for perfect exposures, and how to compose the perfect picture. The basic elements of wildlife photography are covered, including photographic equipment and information on the various species and…»

5. Wildlife Photography: On Safari with your DSLR: Equipment, Techniques, Workflow

by Uwe Skrzypczak

Photographer and environmentalist Uwe Skrzypczak wrote this book with several goals in mind--to teach the technical aspects and the workflow of digital wildlife photography; to show the beauty of East Africa and his beloved Serengeti National Park and to educate about its habitat; and to provide a guide for the photographer who is planning to go on an African photo safari and wants to be prepared to capture the finest possible images. Beginning with…»

6. Concepts of Nature: A Wildlife Photographer's Art

by Andy Rouse

Andy Rouse has gained a reputation for getting in close, really close, to his subjects, which range from lions and elephants in Africa to penguins in Antarctica, taking in a whole host of African, European, and North American wildlife on the way. The first part of his book, "Visions," presents the photographs, many never before published, which he feels were the landmarks in his career and in his development from a "one big shot" specialist to an artist…»

7. Digital Wildlife Photography

by Chris Weston

A digital camera can be invaluable when shooting outdoors because of the great control and freedom it gives a photographer. Using 150 of his own great wildlife images, pro photographer Chris Weston shows you how to use digital capture to get stunning photos that accurately reflect the outdoor experienceâÄîwithout the need for manipulation in post-production. WestonâÄôs work has taken him to some of the worldâÄôs most hostile regions, and he combines his field…»

8. Dynamic Wildlife Photography: Techniques for Creating Captivating Images

by Cathy Illg, Gordon Illg

For experienced photographers who want to apply their technical skills to wildlife photography and for photographers who already have experience with photographing animals but want to further refine their images, this book provides the guidance needed to master artistically compelling wildlife portraits. Photographers learn how to create images that not only document their subjects, but also cause viewers to study and discuss them. Written for…»