Best Children and Baby Photography Books

1. Photographing Children Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent

by Ginny Felch

While digital technology has made acceptable photos easy to achieve, this book is about taking exceptional photos that preserve the essence of childhood.You?ll learn to trust your instincts and your own unique vision and discover how to create beautiful photographs in a variety of lighting situations, all while sharpening your observation skills and learning how to involve your subjects. Plus, insightful tips on understanding what equipment is right for…»

2. The Art of Children's Portrait Photography

by Tamara Lackey

Contemporary photographs that cleverly capture a childâÄôs mood or personalityÂówhether thatâÄôs a big, toothy grin or a teary tantrumÂóare easily created with the tips and techniques explored in this in-depth handbook. Often called Âìlifestyle photography,âÄù modern techniques such as tightly cropped close-ups, vignettes, wide angles, and shallow depths produce images that are markedly less stiff and more expressive than traditional portraitures. From capturing…»

3. Children's Portrait Photography Handbook

by Bill Hurter

Packed with practical techniques that both inform and inspire, this professional guidebook to photographing babies, small children, and teenagers presents new strategies to maximize client cooperation and ensure smooth sessions. The entire child-based photographic process is addressed, including proper equipment selection, physical and behavioral controls for young subjects, working with black-and-white exposures, assessing raw versus JPEG modes, and…»

4. Master Posing Guide for Children's Portrait Photography

by Norman Phillips

This comprehensive resource provides insight into the strategies needed to devise and implement creative, flattering poses for children of all age groups, from newborns through preteens. Posing options are organized around the logical age groupings of babies, toddlers, children, and groups. An investigation of the impact of the color, texture, and shape of the posing prop on the image is included, as are ways to effectively use the parent as a prop for…»

5. Facial Expressions Babies to Teens: A Visual Reference for Artists

by Mark Simon

The only comprehensive visual reference of childrenâÄôs and teensâÄô faces and emotions * Inspiration and reference for artists everywhere * More than 2,500 pictures, plus a phoneme gallery and age progressions * Follow-up to Facial Expressions--more than 25,000 sold! Babies are so unpredictable. You put them down in one place, you never know if theyâÄôll be there when you come back. And donâÄôt even get us started on kids and teens. Artists have it particularly…»

6. The Sandy Puc' Guide to Children's Portrait Photography

by Sandy Puc'

Famed for her masterful childrenâÄôs portraits and innovative methods, industry giant Sandy PucâÄô presents every conceivable aspect of childrenâÄôs portraiture in this quintessential guidebook. As great portrait sessions begin with top-notch planning and a working knowledge of the equipment, PucâÄô first offers her insights regarding the benefits of being well prepared from the start, including strategies for enhancing the technical aspects of the shoot, from…»

7. Professional Children's Portrait Photography: Techniques and Images from Master Photographers

by Lou Jacobs Jr.

Blending advice with example images, this guidebook marshals the wisdom and experience of 15 seasoned professionals to present a comprehensive resource on one of the most challenging subfields in the portrait-photography genre. Chapters feature the varied approaches and practices of each photographer while covering topics such as helping children warm up to the camera, choosing clothes for subjects to wear, and how to deal with kids who simply will not…»

8. How to Photograph Children: Secrets for Capturing Childhood's Magic Moments

by Lisa Jane, Rick Staudt

Few parents can resist the urge to photograph every adorable stage of their children's lives, but most parents do it more lovingly than well. No matter how enthusiastic they are, too often the results are blurry, overexposed, and boring snapshots. Newly revised with an entirely new chapter on the latest trends in digital photography, How to Photograph Children offers practical, detailed, and nonintimidating advice to help transform that enthusiasm into…»

9. Baby Photography NOW!: Shooting Stylish Portraits with Your Digital Camera

by David Nightingale

This first book in an exciting new series offers a lively and contemporary re-examination of a classic subject. ItâÄôs geared to young photographers who are having fun with their first digital SLR cameras, and want results that look like the stylish photos in hip magazines and ads. Filled with practical photographic advice and attractive, inspiring images, Baby Photography NOW! helps parents master the skills they need to get the most natural-looking shots…»

10. Studio Portrait Photography of Children and Babies

by Marilyn Sholin

From learning how to set up the perfect light for infants to understanding posing techniques for adorable images, this guide to shooting childrenâÄôs portraits is an indispensable resource for photographers. Thorough sections on dealing with infants and working with toddlers and preschoolers include month-by-month and year-by-year developmental guides that ensure comfort and cooperation to help create unique, personalized images. An overview of equipment and…»

11. Professional Secrets for Photographing Children

by Douglas Allen Box

Photographing children can be a challenge, requiring patience and a healthy dose of playfulness. This book works through nearly 60 images, providing lighting diagrams and step-by-step instructions for using poses, props, and backgrounds that help make photographing children easier. Tips are given on how to choose clothing that best focuses the viewer's attention on the child, photographic techniques used to capture images, and psychology used when working…»

12. The Best of Children's Portrait Photography: Techniques and Images from the Pros

by Bill Hurter

In addition to lighting, composition, exposure, and other general portrait skills, photographing children requires good planning, quick thinking, flexibility, and a great deal of psychology. In this book, over a dozen masters of these arts-top children's portrait photographers from around the United States-share their secrets for achieving memorable portraits. Photographers will learn how to make the most of their tools, use studio lighting to flatter…»

13. Photographing Children with Special Needs: A Complete Guide for Professional Portrait Photographers

by Karen Dorame

Finding a photographer with the technical, medical, and logistical knowledge necessary to take great portraits of children with special needs can be a daunting task. This comprehensive guide helps photographers and families avoid common pitfalls. Specific maladies and the challenges they pose are explored in detail, from blindness to Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. Topics range from preparing safe settings to engaging clients' attention, and emphasis throughout…»

14. Photographing Children in Black & White

by Helen T. Boursier

While color photography is the expected style for children's portraiture, this book teaches photographers the skills they need to create highly marketable black-and-white portraits of children. Guidance is provided for seeking out locations and props that are the most amenable to black-and-white portraiture of children-from portraits with siblings on the beach to a child alone with a treasured toy. Tried-and-true secrets are given for getting kids to…»

15. Fine Art Children's Photography: Techniques and Images in Black & White

by Doris Carol Doyle, Ian Doyle

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16. Children's Portrait Photography Handbook: Techniques for Digital Photographers

by Bill Hurter

Packed with practical techniques that both inform and inspire, this professional guidebook to photographing children of all agesâÄîfrom infants to teenagersâÄîpresents new strategies to maximize client cooperation and ensure smooth sessions. The entire child-based photographic process is addressed, including proper equipment selection, physical and behavioral controls for young subjects, working with black-and-white exposures, and using light to capture fast-…»