Best Portrait Photography Books

1. Beyond Portraiture: Creative People Photography

by Bryan Peterson

Take great pictures of people--beyond portraits, photos that capture a moment * Bryan PetersonâÄôs books have sold more than 200,000 copies * Specific enough for beginners, insightful enough for professionals * Wonderful book for scrapbookers, parents, teachers Great portraits go beyond a mere record of a face. They reveal one of the millions of intimate human moments that make up a life. In Beyond Portraiture, renowned photographer Bryan Peterson shows how…»

2. Portrait and Candid Photography: Photo Workshop

by Erin Manning

The secret to taking great âÄúpeople picturesâÄù is to observe your subjects, connect with them, and use your camera to its best advantage. HereâÄôs how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, environment, and countless other variables, including the unique challenges of photographing babies, group activities, and action. Learn to capture facial expressions, tell a story with a series of candids, add interest to large-group…»

3. Jeff Smith's Guide to Head and Shoulders Portraits

by Jeff Smith

With detailed, informative instructions for capturing personable and memorable yearbook photos, actor and model portfolios, and business, bridal, and childrenâÄôs portraits, this exhaustive reference covers what photographers need to know to be successful. Emphasizing that the client is always the center of the photograph, this resource illustrates how to evaluate the customer to determine which features to downplay and which to accent. Tips for creating the…»

4. The Best of Family Portrait Photography: Professional Techniques and Images

by Bill Hurter

Artwork from 30 of the industry's top photographers is used to highlight both clear-cut shooting strategies and colorful, cutting-edge approaches to family portraiture in this handbook intended for idea gathering and inspiration. Advice on focal length, perspective, and maximizing the potential of digital equipment highlights the technical aspects of family portraiture while group posing strategies demonstrate how best to flatter each subject and convey a…»

5. The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression

by Gary Faigin

Artists love this book, the definitive guide to capturing facial expressions. In a carefully organized, easy-to-use format, author Gary Faigin shows readers the expressions created by individual facial muscles, then draws them together in a section devoted to the six basic human emotions: sadness, anger, joy, fear, disgust, and surprise. Each emotion is shown in steadily increasing intensity, and FaiginâÄôs detailed renderings are supplemented by clear…»

6. Lighting Techniques for High Key Portrait Photography

by Norman Phillips

Photographers will learn from a master the impact and beauty that can be created through the precision creation of high key portraits. In photography, the word key is used to describe the overall tonal range in which the photograph is created-including the background, subject, props, and clothing. If the tones are very light, the image is called "high key." Because photographers often neglect to consider the impact of creating images in a controlled key,…»

7. Face to Face: Rick Sammon's Complete Guide to Photographing People

by Rick Sammon

In this beautifully illustrated book, travel and adventure photographer Rick Sammon introduces the proven techniques he uses to make extraordinary photographs of people around the world. You'll find important tips and strategies for engaging your subject and setting up the shoot, along with techniques for shooting in a variety of conditions both indoors and outdoors. Rick Sammon is people person who loves the art of making -- rather than simply taking --…»

8. Digital Portrait Photography and Lighting: Take Memorable Shots Every Time

by Catherine Jamieson, Sean McCormick

Portraits preserve people Since the earliest portraits were scratched onto cave walls, we've developed increasingly sophisticated tools for capturing human likenesses. Yet the motivation has changed little -- to freeze a human image as an art form, a means of communication, a piece of personal history. Whether formalized with elaborate settings and lighting or snapped at the beach to hold forever the pure joy in a child's face, portraits preserve people.…»

9. Digital Portrait Photography: Art, Business & Style

by Steve Sint

Most amateurs dream of taking professional-quality portraits; Steve Sint can show them how. After shooting over a million portraits, he has a wealth of knowledge to share, on everything from the basics of good composition to the fine details of advanced lighting techniques. Sint simply delivers a complete course in digital portrait photography: he discusses set-ups and backdrops; the most flattering ways to pose both individuals and groups; tips on making…»

10. Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook

by Monte Zucker

Master of portraiture Monte Zucker presents page after page of essential photographic lessons to enable photographers to achieve and exceed their financial and artistic goals. Providing instructions on how to conduct a well-crafted client consultation, readers will learn which angles of the face to photograph, how to pose the body, where to place the camera, and the proper positioning of lighting equipment in order to cultivate an emotional connection with…»

11. Portrait Photographer's Handbook

by Bill Hurter

Combining time-tested practices with contemporary methods, this guidebook details the fine art of capturing formal and casual posed images. With advice and guidance from the finest and most decorated portrait and wedding photographers in the country, this instructional discusses subjects such as lighting in the studio and on location, improving improvisational shooting techniques, and how to retouch images in the post-production process to create truly…»

12. The Portrait: Understanding Portrait Photography

by Glenn Rand, Tim Meyer

Glenn Rand, longtime photographic educator and Program Director for Graduate Programs at Brooks Institute, and Tim Meyer, Portrait Division Chair at Brooks Institute, have collaborated to create a thorough and balanced textbook on the modern techniques and practice of portrait photography. They have avoided the single-style viewpoint common to so many books on portraiture and have crafted a definitive resource for professionals, as well as students and…»

13. Creative Photoshop Portrait Techniques: Fully Updated for CS4

by Duncan Evans, Tim Shelbourne

With over 70 illustrated tutorials, eleven new techniques, all-new screenshots, and step-by-step instructions with downloadable examples, this revised edition of Duncan Evans and Tim ShelbourneâÄôs outstanding photo guide will help readers master the latest Photoshop softwareâÄîand create distinctive photographed portraits.Photoshop can enhance even the well-shot image, and Evans and Shelbourne teach photographers of all levels how they can use it to generate…»

14. Portrait Lighting for Digital Photographers: The Basics and Beyond

by Stephen Dantzig

The fundamentals of exposure and the essentials of lighting are explored in this photography reference that uses progressive images from portrait sessions as its basis of explanation. Starting with how light is perceived differently by the camera than the human eye, this resource clarifies the more complicated laws that govern light, breaking the rules down with clear, effective examples. Various light sources are investigatedâÄîfrom simple sunlight to…»

15. Jeff Smith's Senior Portrait Photography Handbook: A Guide for Professional Digital Photographers

by Jeff Smith

With detailed, informative instructions for capturing personable and memorable yearbook photos, this reference presents step-by-step demonstrations on advertising, talking to clients, producing outstanding images, and finalizing a sale. Noting the delicate balance of pleasing parents and teens alike, this resource illustrates how to marry the latest fashion-oriented photography trends with the needs of the family member who is paying for the session. A…»

16. Group Portrait Photography Handbook

by Bill Hurter

Photographers of human subjects will appreciate the advice in this guide for capturing groups on film. From basics such as posing and composition to technical aspects of focusing and lighting, this handbook addresses concerns for both amateur and professional photographers. Indoor and outdoor settings are discussed, as are tips for working with subjects to capture a variety of emotions and personalities. This latest edition has been freshened with 180 new…»

17. Professional Digital Techniques for Photographing Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

by Stan Turkel

Highlighting two of the most recognized and attended Jewish occasions, this exploration details all of the vital elements for bar and bat mitzvah photographers. From the synagogue and party to the family portraits, this meticulous study covers the best lighting and posing techniques for the most important shots of the day, providing the background photographers need to beautifully document each event. In addition to the photographic aspect, this exhaustive…»

18. Portrait Photography: Secrets of Posing & Lighting

by Mark Cleghorn

With easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photo sequences showing how to arrange lights and lighting accessories, this carefully structured course teaches all the fundamentals of portraiture, as well as a host of other creative techniques. It sets out everything the amateur needs to know to create a wide range of styles, from choosing the right equipment to composing the background to placing and positioning the subject for maximum effect. The basics…»

19. National Geographic Photography Field Guide: People and Portraits

by National Geographic Society

How do you âÄúfreezeâÄù your child in action on the soccer field? People & Portraits, the second in the new, information-packed National Geographic Photography Field Guide series, supplies the answer to this question and much more as readers discover the secrets that have made National Geographic photography so well known. People & Portraits reveals the best angles, lighting, and lenses to capture candid photos and portraits of family, friends, and everyone…»

20. Professional Portrait Lighting: Techniques and Images from Master Photographers

by Michelle Perkins

Designed for professional photographers who are already well versed in the basics of lighting, this book will take their lighting to the next level, adding the flair and refinement that can turn professional images into world-class photos. Each chapter explores a different master photographer, with a thorough analysis of signature techniques, a look at the creation of his or her top images, and a discussion of past photographs that presented lighting…»

21. Digital Portrait Photography 101

by Bill Hurter

Redeye, poor lighting, and awkward posesâÄîelements that can ruin any photographâÄîare eliminated with the tips provided in this portrait handbook for amateur photographers. Organized in highly visual two-page spreads, the 43 detailed lessons show beginning photographers how to create everyday portraits with a professional flair. Using the camera's portrait-friendly automated features along with a few manual settings, photographers learn how to correct…»

22. FACES: Photography and the Art of Portraiture

by Steven Biver, Paul Fuqua

There is so much detail to be captured in a face. Cicero (106-43 BC) said: "The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter." To capture a person's personality, there are many things to keep in mind, and the authors of FACES show us how to match up a personality with lighting, posing, and composition. Portraiture is truly an art, and this book dives deep into the details so that you end up with a gorgeous portrait that both you and your…»

23. Professional Secrets of Natural Light Portrait Photography

by Douglas Allen Box

Natural light portraiture is fast becoming a popular style of photography. Photographers and clients appreciate the understated, low-maintenance shoots and the spontaneous, casual quality of the photos. Featuring images shot on location, in clients' homes, and in the studio, the author teaches how to use the unique qualities of direct sun, window light, porch light, shade, and the light at sunrise and sunset to create flattering, natural-looking portraits…»

24. 100 Ways to Take Better Portrait Photographs

by Daniel Lezano, Bjorn Thomassen

"An Easy Reference Guide to Portrait Photography *Offers inspirational techniques for digital and film photographers from novices to pros *Includes more than 100 stunning photos by an award-winning photographer *Provides practical tips for making the most of color and black and white Previous photography titles in this popular 100 Ways series have sold more than 20,000 copies worldwide. Whether earning a living as a professional portraitist or snapping…»

25. Outdoor and Location Portrait Photography

by Jeff Smith

Outdoor portraiture offers photographers countless opportunities to create dramatic and beautiful photographs. In the guide, photographers will learn aspects of identifying and controlling natural light, finding the perfect setting, utilizing architecture, taking urban portraits, and capturing stunning nightscapes. Included are tips for professional photographers to build a better profit margin.»

26. Master Guide for Team Sports Photography

by James Williams

A comprehensive look at all aspects of photographing sports teamsâÄîfrom selecting and using equipment to processing and presenting the images while building a client baseâÄîthis reference proves indispensable to any photographer looking to expand their repertoire or branch out into a new profession. Professional guidance covers topics ranging from working with school administrations and coaches to the keys to capturing subjects in motion. Chapters on creating…»

27. Train Your Gaze: A Practical and Theoretical Introduction to Portrait Photography

by Roswell Angier

Train Your Gaze to create breathtaking photographic portraits * Easy-to-use format--use as a course in portraiture or for handy tips * Packed with inspiring images from top photographers * Practical advice plus clear theory Learn to take beautiful, surprising, stunning portraits with Train Your Gaze. Author Roswell Angier, a renowned photographer and portraitist, explores the theory and the practice of shooting human subjects in this practical guide. The…»

28. Profitable Portraits: The Photographer's Guide to Creating Portraits That Sell

by Jeff Smith

Featuring more than 100 sample portraits, this guide to professional portraiture uses many before-and-after images to reveal how simple changes in poses, camera angle, lighting, clothing, and location can dramatically improve images. Designed to meet the needs of professional photographers who would like to improve their business as well as serious amateurs seeking to begin professional work, this text includes tips for postsession digital retouching,…»

29. The Portrait Book: A Guide for Photographers

by Steven H. Begleiter

Professional photographers will increase the marketability of their images and achieve success with these tips for creating and marketing beautiful and unique portraits. With interviews from the visual editor of The New Yorker, Elisabeth Biondi; the Vibe magazine director of photography, George Pitts; and Susan White, director of photography for Vanity Fair, this book includes information that will help any photographer put his or her finger on the pulse…»

30. Lighting Techniques for Low Key Portrait Photography

by Norman Phillips

Photographers learn from a master the impact and drama that can be created through the precise creation of low key portraits-portraits in which the tonal range is primarily dark. While the low key technique lends a classic, artistic, subdued mood to images that may seem relaxed and effortless, creating this style presents significant challenges for the photographer, all of which are addressed in this book. Guidelines for selecting the best lighting…»

31. Corrective Lighting, Posing & Retouching for Digital Portrait Photographers

by Jeff Smith

Updated with a new focus on digital imaging technologies, the new edition of this guide for photography professionals discusses how to improve lighting, digital capture, and client posturing techniques in the camera room so that less time is spent making computerized corrections in the digital darkroom. Posing and lighting strategies for minimizing perceived faults in the client's appearance, such as under-eye circles, bald spots, and tummy bulges, are…»

32. The Art and Business of High School Senior Portrait Photography

by Ellie Vayo

From bringing in new clients to delivering the final proofs, this book covers all aspects of the highly competitive business of high school portrait photography. Studio owners will learn how to create interest in their product by drawing clients to their studio through appropriate advertising that both targets teenagers and appeals to their parents. Ideas for postcards, CD-ROM business cards, T-shirts, and other materials to help boost a studio's…»

33. Fantasy Portrait Photography: Creative Techniques and Images

by Kimarie Richardson

These expert tips guide photographers through the creation of elaborate and fun portraits that reveal subjects as imaginatively rendered characters, such as a fairy princess, a 1950s greaser, or a 1940s Hollywood starlet. More than 60 acclaimed portraits are accompanied by a detailed discussion of each image-from planning the image with the client, building the set, and selecting the right costuming to styling the hair and adding makeup. The technical…»

34. 50 Portrait Lighting Techniques for Pictures That Sell

by John Hart

In this revised edition, more than 100 new color and 300 black-and-white photos illustrate how, with a minimum of equipment, in a studio or out-of-doors, anyone can take beautiful portraits of friends, family or professional clients. Whether a beginning photographer or a budding professional, readers will find practical information on the art of photographic portrait.»

35. Photoshop Effects for Portrait Photographers

by Christopher Grey

Want to offer your clients more to chose from? Here's how: award winning photographer, Christopher Grey, has developed techniques to enhance portrait photography, using the creative applications available in Photoshop. Photoshop Effects for Portrait Photographers contains detailed explanations of how to replicate many darkroom techniques with Photoshop (Dodging, Burning, Vignettes, etc.) as well as camera and earlier technology techniques (Short Focus,…»

36. Lighting Techniques for Middle Key Portrait Photography

by Norman Phillips

Packed with images and diagrams from more than a dozen acclaimed photographers, this resource shows exactly how to master middle-key photographs. The techniques illustrated provide tips for establishing sufficient structure by precisely defining the objectives of the middle-key shoot. Covering all aspectsâÄîfrom the conception of the portrait to lighting, clothing, props, and backgrounds that support the image to the technical and equipment requirementsâÄîthis…»

37. Posing and Lighting Techniques for Studio Portrait Photography

by J.J. Allen

The analysis of the portraits in this book gives insight into how they were created and explains to studio photographers of all skill levels how to get the same great results. Carefully matching the pose to the subject of a photograph is a central lesson presented in this guide and ensures that the best portrait possible will be created to delight both client and photographer. Lighting setups and appropriate poses for head shots, three-quarter, and full-…»

38. Corrective Lighting, Posing & Retouching for Digital Portrait Photographers

by Jeff Smith

With techniques for achieving a flawless portrait, this manual shows how to create stunning, professional images in any setting. Tips on how to delicately discuss and evaluate a subjectâÄôs appearance and his or her specific concerns combine with examples on how subtle changes in lighting and posing can flatter subjectsâÄîby slimming the waist and hips, enhancing the bust, narrowing the nose, reducing a double chin, and concealing baldnessâÄîhelping portrait…»

39. Master Lighting Techniques for Outdoor and Location Digital Portrait Photography

by Stephen A. Dantzig

This handbook, written for the professional and the serious-amateur photographer, provides lively, easy-to-follow discussions of the physics of light and the means of recording it digitally. Step-by-step photographic sequences reveal the profound impact that even a basic grasp of outdoor light and lighting can have on one's photographic technique. Lessons on more specialized techniques provide options for applying specific effects or lighting in a…»

40. Classic Portrait Photography: Techniques and Images from a Master Photographer

by William S. McIntosh

From a master photographer who has photographed other famous photographers, Joint Chiefs of Staff for the armed services, and nobility in the United Kingdom, this book provides a behind-the-scenes look at the work of one of the most acclaimed portrait photographers ever. Photographers follow McIntosh's footsteps, uncovering surprising settings, exotic clients, and masterful technique. They learn to create environmental images in challenging locations,…»

41. People Photography

by Michael Coyne, Richard I'Anson

Internationally renowned photographer Michael Coyne shares over 25 years of experience photographing people around the world in a guide that will help you find and capture the portraits you've always wanted. This is the perfect guide for everyone with a special interest in people photography who wants to take their pictures to the next level. âÄ¢ Packed with tips and techniques for taking great portraits in a wide range of situations âÄ¢ Comprehensively…»

42. Lighting and Exposure Techniques for Outdoor and Location Portrait Photography

by J. J. Allen

Portraiture is a complex craft, made exponentially more difficult by the variable lighting, cluttered backgrounds, and equipment limitations of location shoots. This guide leads beginners and professionals alike through all the technical and creative challenges of this increasingly popular art form. Subjects covered include choosing film, picking lightweight and durable equipment, calculating exposures, using the Zone System, and making the best of ambient…»

43. Professional Portrait Photography: Techniques and Images from Master Photographers

by Lou Jacobs Jr.

By examining the work of 10 of todayâÄôs top portrait photographers and supplementing the images with interviews, this book offers insight into the working habits, equipment selection, and business strategies of those at the top of their game. In-depth and engaging, the guide also reveals creative inspiration and technical insight it reviews 15 to 20 of each artist's most highly acclaimed images, thereby providing an understanding of the full range of…»

44. The Art and Techniques of Business Portrait Photography

by Andre Amyot

Photographers wanting to create great business portraits must go beyond easily composed, well-lit "mug shots" created in the studio. This book focuses on maximizing the bottom line and improving creativity, giving business-portrait photographers an edge over the competition. An overview of the business skills needed to achieve success in this arena is provided, including finding a niche, pricing portraits, advertising, marketing, and finding an assistant.…»

45. Infrared Portrait Photography

by Richard Beitzel

Exploring the dynamic possibilities of infrared portrait photography, this book presents more than 50 black-and-white portraits and explains how each one was created. Using both traditional and conceptual poses and subjects, the reader will discover what portrait compositions photograph best in infrared, what to expect from different compositions, and which ones to avoid. It includes an explanation of the difference between types and brands of film,…»

46. Profitable Portrait Photography

by Roger Berg

In-depth information on operating a successful portrait studio.»

47. The Photographer's Guide to Portraits

by John Freeman

From the picture of a happily smiling baby in her blue bonnet to an expressive array of images of a young girl, these photos by John Freeman show how to get the best portraits from a multiplicity of subjects. Whether you use digital or conventional film, this indispensable guide explains how to photograph in diverse conditions, indoors and out, with tungsten, halogen, or natural light, and using normal, wide range, or telephoto lenses. Look at the…»

48. The Art Within Portrait Photography: A Master Photographer's Revealing and Enlightening Look at Portraiture

by Klaus Bohn

Exploring the art and creativity that exists in portraiture allows us to create a greater awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. From Glamour to Children, Couples, Families, Pets, Executives and more, Klaus Bohn's work lets us really see the emotions, feelings and art contained within these images. Klaus Bohn explores unique compositional elements as well as the use of space, shapes and forms in many of his photographs. His skills have been honed…»

50. Portrait Lighting: By Daylight And Artificial Light

by Frank R. Fraprie

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