Best Photography Posing Books

1. Posing Techniques for Photographing Model Portfolios

by Billy Pegram

With detailed discussions and eye-catching, dynamic images, this guidebook shows professional photographers how to masterfully create beautiful images of a model to achieve any creative objective. Instructions illustrate basic poses as well as a host of subtle variations to provide photographers with an endless array of looks for editorial fashion shots, athletics, glamour or nude photography, and shots designed to show curves, reveal personality, or…»

2. 500 Poses for Photographing Women: A Visual Sourcebook for Portrait Photographers

by Michelle Perkins

Next to lighting, posing is the most challenging aspect of photographyâÄîwith so many body parts to capture, the possibilities are endless, and itâÄôs all too easy to make a wrong turn. This illustrated reference provides both amateur shutterbugs and seasoned pros with the perfect place to turn when in need of quick posing strategies and fresh ideas. Containing 500 contemporary images by leading photographers, this indispensable manual explains posing…»

3. Rolando Gomez's Posing Techniques for Glamour Photography

by Rolando Gomez

Literally working from head to toe, the images in this essential guide to glamour photography demonstrate how to flatter modelsâÄô assets and downplay any perceived flaws when there is no clothing to hide behind. Detailed instructions on recreating classic poses and a thorough discussion of the three main sections of the bodyâÄîupper body, lower body, and backsideâÄîare coupled with ample photographic examples. Abundant illustrations reveal how to manipulate a…»

4. Doug Box's Guide to Posing for Portrait Photographers

by Douglas Allen Box

Often overshadowed by complicated lighting techniques or advanced postproduction tips, this resource seeks to remind the professional photographer of the fundamental importance of a subject's pose. Conveniently designed in two-page spreadsâÄîa striking portrait on one side, a comprehensive how-to of the strategies used on the otherâÄîthis reference includes countless techniques for studio sessions as well as outdoor and location shoots, with individuals or…»

5. Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head-to-Toe Guide

by Jeff Smith

Photographers learn how to gauge the needs of their clients before placing them into a stale, preconceived "women's," "men's," or "children's" pose that hardly fits the client's personality or preferences. Provided with a two-pronged approach to fail-safe posing, photographers learn first to determine what the mood of the portrait should be and how to use an appropriate posing genre-traditional, casual, glamour, or journalistic. Photographers are then…»

6. The Portrait Photographers Posing Guide: How to pose people for portraits

by Nigel Holmes

The classic Posing Guide. Rules for posing people for portraits. Drawn in cartoons, making it easy to follow. "Serious, invaluable advise on how to pose people in photographs" Amateur Photographer»

7. Jeff Smith's Posing Techniques for Location Portrait Photography

by Jeff Smith

This comprehensive guide to location portraits teaches the basics of good head-to-toe posing, indoors and out, and shows the classical approaches used throughout photographic history to create a pleasing rendition of the human form. Additional introductory chapters detail the four main posing styles and reveal how to determine which will work best with a subject, their clothing, the location, and the purpose of the portrait. Chapters for advanced…»

8. The Portrait Photographer's Guide to Posing

by Bill Hurter

Providing a concise look at the foundations of posing, this guide illustrates the ways in which key posing strategies flatter the lines of the body, creating definition, dynamic lines, and a camera-friendly posture. Photographers learn how to analyze the facial features of their subjects to ensure the most flattering positioning, how to finesse fingers for delicate or strong hand positions, and how to adapt a pose for a man, woman, or child. Strategies for…»

9. Master Posing Guide for Portrait Photographers: A Complete Guide to Posing Singles, Couples and Groups

by J. D. Wacker

Photographers are guided through every aspect of posing-beginning with the consultation and continuing with specific tips for posing children, high school seniors, wedding parties, families, events, teams, groups, and pets-in this comprehensive manual. Maintaining that good posing is 80 percent mental and only 20 percent technical, this guide stresses the importance of communication between photographer and subject to creating a portrait that not only…»

10. Professional Posing Techniques for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

by Norman Phillips

Combining two disciplinesâÄîposing and wedding portraitureâÄîthis professional resource helps photographers create flattering poses to build the best possible portraits and highest possible sales. Photographers are taught how to position the head, shoulders, torso, arms, hands, legs, and feet to correct figure flaws, make a client feel relaxed, and evoke a dynamic image that tells a story or defines a relationship. The challenges of shooting on location are…»

11. Posing Techniques for Digital Portraits

by Jeff Smith

This series of step-by-step guides acquaints amateur digital photographers with the full spectrum of techniques and technology they need to attain the professional edge in digital imaging. The manuals offer a clear, no-nonsense approach to teaching basic skills, such as understanding the basic functions of the digital camera and how to arrange a photograph artistically, while more experienced photographers will profit from the guides that focus on complex…»

12. The Art of Posing: Techniques for Digital Portrait Photographers

by Lou Jacobs Jr.

From facial expression and body angles to camera optics and ideal lighting, this invaluable photography reference discusses all the facets of posing. Featuring 10 acclaimed photographers and their exceptional images, this detailed guidebook illustrates how each artist approaches the practice of posing and offers his/her advice on how to achieve more successful and visually appealing portraits. Business-related concerns are also addressed, ensuring that the…»