Best Wedding Photography Books

1. On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography

by Neil van Niekerk

With this guidebook, photographers learn how to create stunning, professional images while avoiding the common pitfalls of using an on-camera flash. Techniques for using simple accessoriesâÄîsuch as bounce cards and diffusers as well as how to improve a lighting scenario by enhancing it rather than overwhelming itâÄîshow photographers how to master this challenging aspect of portraiture. For wedding and environmental portrait photographers who must work in…»

2. Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories

by Glen Johnson

Capture unforgettable moments of that special day Professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson knows there's a huge difference between being able to take good pictures and being a good wedding photographer. In this exquisite, full-color book, Glen dispenses sage advice and solutions for taking impressive digital wedding images -- posed or candid, in any weather, in any setting, at any locale. You will also learn the secrets of creating a successful…»

3. 500 Poses for Photographing Brides: A Visual Sourcebook for Professional Digital Wedding Photographers

by Michelle Perkins

Containing numerous contemporary images by leading photographers, this indispensable manual concerning wedding portraits explains posing fundamentals as well as how to create a flattering, feature-specific photographâÄîone that focuses on the head, shoulders, arms, legs, or torsoâÄîin different levels of close-ups, from head-shots to full-lengths. Since posing is the second most challenging aspect of photography and with the added complications of a weddingâÄî…»

4. Master Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers

by Bill Hurter

Outlining a theory that combines the refinement of traditional posing techniques with the more organic, spontaneous techniques of photojournalism, this creative and informative resource offers poses that rely on personality and interaction. These instructions from a veteran wedding photographer provide the skills needed to recognize what makes a great pose and how to subtly direct your clients to achieve the needed balance between looking great and looking…»

5. The Wedding Photographer's Planner

by Kenny Kim

A full-color reference to planning for and executing a successful wedding day shoot Wedding photography has become a major industry, and the number of photographers getting into this field is rapidly increasingâÄîmaking it even more competitive. Written by top wedding photographer, Kenny Kim, this full-color reference walks you through all the major (and minor) steps involved in planning and organizing a successful wedding day shoot. You'll get unique advice…»

6. Digital Wedding Photography Secrets

by Rick Sammon

Create photos as unforgettable as their day Wedding photography is a multibillion-dollar businessâÄîand it's fun. Rick Sammon, one of Canon's venerable Explorers of Light, has collected more than 200 expert tips and tricks to help you create images as memorable as the wedding itself. Follow them, and you'll become the photographer the bride recommends to all her friends. Discover tips such as . . . Know your gear inside and out; this isn't the time to test…»

7. The Best of Wedding Photojournalism: Techniques and Images for Professional Digital Photographers, 2nd Edition

by Bill Hurter

In contrast to a traditional wedding photographer, a wedding photojournalist works unobtrusively to capture the âÄúreal lifeâÄù flavor of the special event as it unfolds, and this guidebook addresses the unique challenges and specific preparations required to excel in this field. Calling upon the best and brightest photojournalists to share their images and insights, this updated edition reveals the secrets for capturing all the breathtaking exchanges between…»

8. Step-by-Step Wedding Photography: Techniques for Professional Photographers

by Damon Tucci

A no-nonsense guide that shows how to make quick, efficient work of getting beautiful, high-quality, cutting-edge, and traditional shots from the pre-ceremony through the reception, this manual offers techniques for capturing the key players and moments of the big day. Unlike other photography books that present a more theoretical or technical approach to photographing a wedding, this resource focuses on the specific steps photographers should take,…»

9. Wedding Photography: Advanced Techniques for Digital Photographers

by Bill Hurter

Drawing on the images and expertise of dozens of industry-leading photographers, this manual on wedding photography provides critical insights into the techniques that set the best in the business apart from rest. Covering both the technical aspects of the profession as well as delving into more subtle aspects of the craftâÄîincluding preparation and planning, interpersonal skills, a keen eye, good timing, a cool-under-pressure mindset, posing and lighting…»

10. The Art of Wedding Photography: Professional Techniques with Style

by Bambi Cantrell, Skip Cohen

The hottest, most lucrative trend in wedding photography is gorgeously illustrated and explained in this cutting-edge guide that shows professional photographers-and those aspiring to be-how to create the arty, hip, yet elegant wedding albums sought by today's brides. Images that look like they're from magazines or art galleries fill these inspiring pages. Taken by a highly successful specialist in wedding photography, the pictures tell their unique,…»

11. Wedding Photography from the Heart: Creative Techniques to Capture the Moments that Matter

by Joe Buissink, Skip Cohen

A behind-the-scenes look at master wedding photographer Joe BuissinkâÄôs acclaimed style"ThereâÄôs no such thing as a perfect imageâÄìonly a perfect moment," says Joe Buissink, one of American PhotoâÄôs Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. In Wedding Photography from the Heart, the premier photographer gives us an inside look at how he captures photographer gives us an inside look at how he captures the feeling of a coupleâÄôs wedding, seeing the moments from…»

12. Digital Photography Boot Camp: A Step-by-Step Guide for Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographers

by Kevin Kubota

Designed to give professional photographers of all skill levels a complete look at the working digital studio, this reference goes from start to finishâÄîfrom setting up the camera and capturing the best possible images to organizing, enhancing, and printing the completed photos. Written by an experienced, successful professional photographer and lecturer, this newly revised guide takes a lighthearted approach to complete foundation information, as well as…»

13. Professional Techniques for the Wedding Photographer: A Complete Guide to Lighting, Posing and Taking Photographs That Sell

by George Schaub

Revised edition of the mega-best-seller, now completely revised and updated to include the latest trends in wedding photography! The wedding photographer faces a difficult challenge. Working with emotionally charged clients, he or she must capture a once-in-a-lifetime event and make average people look perfect, with no opportunity for retakes. The completely new edition of Professional Techniques for the Wedding Photographer is the picture-taker's âÄúbibleâÄù…»

14. Creative Wedding Album Design with Adobe Photoshop: Step-by-Step Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers

by Mark Chen

Pairing photographic creativity with digital-manipulation techniques, this unique manual teaches the use of Photoshop® to design artful, distinctive, and compelling wedding albums. Showing that the artistic process need not stop at the click of the shutter, the steps for album creation are detailedâÄîreviewing the images, forming a story line, and conveying the tale through well-designed montages. Offering 10 projects with varying levels of complexity and…»

15. Wedding Photography Unveiled: Inspiration and Insight from 20 Top Photographers

by Jacqueline Tobin

Wedding Photography Unveiled reveals the techniques, philosophies, strategies, and practices of twenty top wedding photographers from across the country. The focus is on the freshest styles âÄì especially the blend of photojournalism with the more relaxed lifestyles and high fashion looks. These are the styles that todayâÄôs bride will be asking for, inspired by the images she sees in bridal, celebrity, and fashion magazines. Wedding Photography Unveiled…»

16. Weddings of Style: A Guide to the Ultimate Wedding

by Kalliope Karella

An intimate tour of 15 of the world's most stylish wedding. The ultimate guide to planning a wedding of style!In this lavishly illustrated book, international globetrotter Kalliope Karella takes the reader on an intimate tour of 15 of the world s most stylish weddings. With firsthand accounts from the brides themselves and personal photos of the exquisite dresses, elegant table settings, and exotic locales (Belluno, Italy, Porto Heli, Greece, Havana, Cuba…»

17. 100 Techniques for Professional Wedding Photographers

by Bill Hurter

From shooting formal family portraits in a dimly lit church to capturing lively candids at a bustling reception, this valuable reference presents 100 tips for handling the process from start to finishâÄîchoosing the best equipment, capturing the best moments on film, and enhancing and presenting them afterwards. Numerous professionals offer valuable advice for digital wedding photography, giving technical guidance on lighting, exposure and metering, and…»

18. The Best of Wedding Photojournalism: Techniques and Images from the Pros

by Bill Hurter

Experts in photographing weddings with a journalistic eye provide their photographs and tips for taking spectacular and unique wedding photos. Michael Ayers, Frank Cava, Robert Cavalli, Frank A. Frost, Kelly Greer, Travis Hill, Elaine Hughes, Phil Kramer, Heidi Mauracher, Martin Schembri, Monte Zucker, and other master photojournalists offer advice on everything from lenses to lighting to photographing the preceremony excitement and the ceremony itself. In…»

19. Wedding Photography, 2nd Edition: Art, Business & Style

by Steve Sint

Professional photographers trying to refine their skills, serious amateurs hoping to break into this lucrative field, and everyday shooters who just want to take better pictures will find this second edition of Steve Sint's information-packed guide invaluable. Sint, who has photographed more than 3,500 weddings, has updated his classic work to include discussions of photojournalistic and formal shooting styles, the advantages and disadvantages of digital,…»

20. The Best of Wedding Photography

by Bill Hurter

Updated with all-new photographs and information on technological advances, this comprehensive resource covers every technique photographers must master to rise to the challenge of being a wedding photographer. Topics covered range from selecting equipment and winning clients to posing and lighting breathtaking images. Critical techniques for success after the shoot are also covered, including tips for presenting images to clients, refining and retouching…»

21. The Art of Digital Wedding Photography: Professional Techniques with Style

by Bambi Cantrell, Skip Cohen

âÄ¢ Documentary-style wedding photography is the hottest sector of an always-hot market âÄ¢ Covers art and business, from taking pictures to telling the story to making the sale Every photographerâÄîand every brideâÄîneeds The Art of Digital Wedding Photography! With this book, pros and aspiring pros can get in on the perennially hot wedding market, using the newest digital technology to get compelling, cutting-edge results. And for todayâÄôs sophisticated bride-to-…»

22. Master's Guide to Wedding Photography: Capturing Unforgettable Moments and Lasting Impressions

by Marcus Bell

From the history of photography and how to shoot wedding portraits to creating stylish albums and working with digital output, everything a wedding photographer needs to know is included in this all-encompassing manual. Photographers are provided with a shooting guide that walks them through the wedding day and offers advice on a variety of topicsâÄîincluding integrating detail, capturing the walk down the aisle, working in and out of doors, and finding and…»

23. Wedding Photographer's Handbook

by Bill Hurter

Successful wedding photographers have to master all different types of coverage, perform under pressure, and work in an extremely limited time frame. Every step of the process is examined in-depth in this manual written for professionals by a professionalâÄîfrom selecting equipment, attracting clients, and framing shots, to the final creation of the wedding album and the revolutionary changes made possible by digital photography. All of the events of a…»

24. Wedding Photography with Adobe Photoshop

by Rick Ferro, Deborah Ferro

This guide for professional wedding photographers introduces and explains the many uses of Adobe Photoshop in correcting and enhancing wedding photos to improve client satisfaction and boost sales. Photographers learn how to correct image color; remove blemishes and wrinkles; change backgrounds to eliminate distractions or add special effects; create the look of sepia-toned images; selectively tint eyes, lips, and bouquets with digital hand-coloring…»

25. Wedding Photography: The Complete Guide

by Mark Cleghorn

Every wedding needs a great photographer to record the special moments perfectly, and every photographer needs this guide. Filled with expert advice from an acclaimed portrait and wedding photographer, this comprehensive guide starts with choosing the right equipment and considers some tips for effective planning prior to a shoot. It goes on to the big day itself, offering extensive advice and suggestions as to what to capture before, during, and after the…»

26. The Best of Digital Wedding Photography

by Bill Hurter

This guide to digital wedding photography offers everything a wedding photographer needs to take full advantage of digital technologies. Essential aspects of digital photography are examined, from image capturing to creating wedding albumsâÄîa photographer's greatest source of revenue. Featuring 200 examples of professional digital photography, this book takes a detailed look at many common digital problems and provides techniques for fixing them with Adobe…»

27. Wedding Photography NOW!: A Fresh Approach to Shooting Modern Nuptials

by Michelle Turner

TodayâÄôs brides and grooms know exactly how they want their nuptials photographedâÄîspontaneous and fun, rather than demure and posed. This huge demand has led to a new style of cutting-edge wedding photojournalism, a twist on tradition that requires lensers with a keen eye for stylish composition and an ability to anticipate the significant and emotion-filled moment. Packed with practical advice on techniques, this contemporary re-examination of a classic…»

28. Master Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers

by Bill Hurter

Master the demanding lighting needs for weddings of any variety with this comprehensive guide from an industry expert. All the basics are covered, including how to choose and use the right equipment, how to control light and shadow while outdoors, how to utilize ambient room light and natural light, and how to ensure the best color balance for each image. Technical tips from 40 top wedding photographers cover such specifics as producing window-light images…»

29. Photographer's Guide to Wedding Album Design and Sales

by Bob Coates

Full of instructive images and insightful hints, this book is indispensable for photographers who want to boost their wedding-album sales. Updated with the latest styles, this showcase of 15 top wedding photographers' work and business practices provides insight into each artist's creative process, client service skills, and album design. Information on album types and basic design principles is accompanied by tips for marketing albums, including creating…»

30. How to Take Great Digital Photos of Your Friend's Wedding

by Patrick Rice

Armed with a digital camera, wedding attendees can create snapshots of the their friend's big day with the camera, lighting, posing, and composition skills taught in this step-by-step manual. Beginning with a discussion of digital capture basics and how to ensure the best possible exposure by selecting the appropriate ISO settings, photographers learn how to create the setting that produces the best results under any lighting conditions. Posing is also…»

32. Professional Wedding Photography: Techniques and Images from Master Photographers

by Lou Jacobs Jr.

From emotional bridal portraits and intimate images of the ceremony to dynamic reception and wedding party shots, this illustrative sourcebook explores the vast array of image styles available to modern wedding photographers. Containing interviews with the top 10 wedding studio owners in the country, this indispensable reference offers a variety of opinions on everything from art and business philosophies to scheduling, handling retainers, writing…»

33. Mastering Digital Wedding Photography

by James Karney

Mastering Digital Wedding Photography serves as a practical guide to the unique art, craft, and business of wedding photography in the digital realm. Succeeding as a wedding photographer requires more than the ability to take excellent pictures under pressure. You must also develop a solid business and marketing plan that makes you stand out from the crowd in this highly competitive industry. This book addresses each of these fundamental skills. You will…»

34. Wedding Photography: Creative Techniques for Lighting, Posing, and Marketing

by Rick Ferro

The third edition of this successful handbook provides tips and techniques for the beginning wedding photographer as well as for professionals seeking to refine their techniques and expand their business. Featuring 50 new images and an updated text covering topics as varied as online marketing, digital techniques, and lighting, this guide helps photographers ensure that they will be at the right place at the right time to take the best picture. Advice on…»

35. Photographer's Guide to Wedding Album Design and Sales

by Bob Coates

Full of instructive images and insightful hints, this book is indispensable for photographers who want to boost their wedding-album business. Showcased are the album styles of 15 top wedding photographers, with insight provided into each artist's creative process, client service skills, and album design. Examples include Michael Ayers's one-of-a-kind pop-up albums; photojournalism trendsetter Andy Marcus's magical designs; and Gigi Clark's unique…»

36. Professional Marketing & Selling Techniques for Digital Wedding Photographers

by Jeff Hawkins, Kathleen Hawkins

Updated to include the latest digital camera models, imaging software, and current image proofing and sales techniques, this business guide teaches wedding photographers how to build a profitable business. From formulating a business plan to presenting final images to clients, the strategies presented help photographers avoid the pitfalls that ruin many wedding photography studios. Photographers learn how to define a target demographicâÄîwhether that be low-…»

37. Contemporary Wedding Photography

by Julie Oswin, Steve Walton

"Essential Know-How for a New Era in Wedding Photography *Wedding photography is one of the most lucrative areas for professional and aspiring photographers *Working photographers must master the less formal contemporary style of wedding photography to win clients *The highly acclaimed authors are featured regularly in the bridal and photography press Today's wedding photography has to tell a story and capture the emotions and atmosphere of the day in a…»

38. The Wedding Photographer's Handbook: a guide to modern wedding photography

by Gene Ho

The Wedding PhotographerâÄôs Handbook instructs the photographer in all they need to know about getting into the lucrative wedding photography business. The book is designed for two types of photographers: For photographers who are already in the wedding business but may want to get an edge. For photographers who have worked in other fields but may want to start taking wedding pictures. The Wedding PhotographerâÄôs Handbook gives step-by-step instructions on…»

39. The Best of Wedding Photography: Techniques and Images from the Pros

by Bill Hurter

An invaluable resource for all wedding photographers, this book serves as both an indispensable guide to technique and an impressive collection of the work of the top wedding photographers in the country. Focusing on encouraging the photographer to visualize the final image before lifting a camera, this book begins with a discussion of traditional wedding photography, photojournalistic wedding photography, and emerging styles. It also includes information…»

41. Professional Techniques for Digital Wedding Photography

by Jeff Hawkins, Kathleen Hawkins

Addressing the reservations many wedding photographers have about digital photography, this guide explains the many valuable benefits of this technology, including saved labor costs and quick turnaround time. Topics covered include equipment selection and usage; scheduling digital prewedding, wedding day, and postwedding sessions; managing the workload; and using digital proofs. Photographers learn how to market their images-from dealing with client…»

42. The Art of Bridal Portrait Photography: Techniques for Lighting and Posing

by Marty Seefer

Focusing solely on the bride, this wedding portraiture book provides methods for pre-wedding shots, on-location photographs, and studio sessions. Included are ways to achieve proper exposure and contrast, tips for orchestrating props, and lighting and posing techniques to minimize and conceal flaws. Accompanied by stunning full-color photographs and accompanying technical tips, this guide also includes a complete listing of all the details and preparation…»

43. Wedding Photography: A Professional Guide

by Morag MacDonald

Now that the cost of the average wedding runs well into five figures, the job of capturing a complete record of this special day has become especially critical. Those who undertake it, even if they are not professional photographers, will want to be certain that they are fully equipped to deliver a finished album of the highest standards. To ensure the finest results, one need look no further than this superb practical manual, which is replete with…»

44. Capture the Moment: A Brides' and Photographers' Guide to Contemporary Weddings

by Stephen Swain

Your wedding--the most important day of your life. You and your spouse will treasure those photographs of that magical moment, and generations to come will enjoy the memories. What do you need to do to capture it? Doing it yourself? Think about position, timing, and what and when to photograph. Hiring an expert? There are hundreds of useful tips on which one to use to capture the most lovely and intimate portraits of your special day. Outstanding…»

45. Professional Secrets of Wedding Photography

by Douglas Allen Box

This practical guide addresses the skills photographers need to take wedding photographs that successfully capture the unique beauty of a couple's special day. Closely examined are techniques for posing the wedding party and guests to achieve a natural effect-from putting adults at ease to capturing and holding the attention of small children. Planning a shot list, organizing for efficiency, and mixing traditional and photojournalistic styles are covered…»

46. Infrared Wedding Photography: Techniques and Images in Black & White

by Patrick Rice, Barbara Rice, Travis Hill

Infrared photography offers a new look for the wedding album, with ethereal grays and whites and a smooth, glowing skin tone, but the technique is tricky in the hectic setting of a wedding. This step-by-step manual meets the special needs of photographers who must achieve unique and beautiful portraits outside the studio. The proper equipment for infrared photography, selecting and protecting sensitive infrared film, and packaging and marketing infrared…»

48. The Successful Wedding Photographer

by The Editors of Photopreneur

Successful wedding photographers know what works. They know the images that clients want. They know how to find and attract those clients. And they know too how to demonstrate their ability, promote their skills and bring in the bookings that build a successful and satisfying photography career. The Successful Wedding Photographer reveals the real strategies currently being used by some of the world's most successful wedding photographers to create stable…»

49. Dream Wedding Photography

by Lorna Yabsley

Photographing a couple?s Big Day can be a rewarding, but stressful venture?for the couple, their guests, and the photographer. Dream Wedding Photography relieves some of the stress by presenting detailed information on how to shoot perfect wedding photography. Photos from an assortment of classic and innovative weddings provide inspiration and showcase the very best, most up-to-date wedding photography styles. Sample shoot lists and indispensable technical…»