Best Paint Shop Pro Books for Photographers

1. Picture Yourself Learning Corel Paint Shop Pro X2

by Diane Koers

Harness the power of Paint Shop Pro Photo and discover all the fun and practical techniques you can use to perfect your photographs and create dynamic graphic elements. "Picture Yourself Learning Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2" introduces you to the tools you need to correct and enhance photographs, beginning with the basics of working with toolbars, palettes, and rulers, and setting up your Paint Shop Pro Photo preferences. Once you are acquainted with the…»

2. Photo Restoration and Retouching Using Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo

by Robert Correll

Are you passionate about the photographs you take and want to give them a professional look? Do you have boxes of old family pictures that you want to restore? Or are you an avid scrapbooker looking to enhance your projects? "Photo Restoration and Retouching Using Corel® Paint Shop Pro® Photo" shows everyone how to use Paint Shop Pro Photo's top-notch editing tools to restore, enhance, and retouch their photographs. It doesn't matter whether you are a…»

3. PaintShop Photo Pro X3 For Photographers

by Ken McMahon

If you are a digital photographer who's new to PaintShop Photo Pro or digital imaging in general, or have recently upgraded to the all-new version X3, this is the book for you! Packed with full color images to provide inspiration and easy to follow, step-by-step projects, you'll learn the ins and outs of this fantastic program in no time so you can start correcting and editing your images to create stunning works of art. Whether you want to learn or…»

4. Paint Shop Pro X for Photographers

by Ken McMahon, Robin Nichols

Achieve professional results with this complete and easy-to-follow introduction to Corel's Paint Shop Pro X. Packed with a wide variety of real life examples, eye-catching visuals and numerous tips and tricks, Paint Shop Pro X for Photographers will enhance your productivity and take your skills to new heights. All the new features of Paint Shop Pro X are covered including Smart Photo Fix, the Makeover tools, Object Remover, Color Balance tool and much…»