Best Pets and Animals Photography Books

1. PhoDOGraphy: How to Get Great Pictures of Your Dog

by Kim Levin

At last! HereâÄôs the book that combines heartwarming behind-the-scenes anecdotes with practical ideas for taking goodâÄîbetterâÄîbest photographs of our four-legged friends. With full discussions of black-and-white versus color portraits, indoors versus outdoors, composition, and capturing movement, PhoDOGraphy offers techniques that amateurs can use starting here and now. Great examples of dog portraiture, plus tons of ideas for fun new places to pose your…»

2. Pet Photography NOW!: A Fresh Approach to Photographing Animal Companions

by Paul Walker

For animal lovers, a pet is a member of the familyâÄîbut one that is much harder to photograph. Capturing an animalâÄôs charm and personality can be an incredibly challenging (even frustrating) exercise, but Pet Photography NOW! makes the job easier. It shows professionals and amateurs alike how to get the best from their subject, whether it comes wrapped in fur, feathers, or scales. Noted expert Paul Walker is an excellent source of practical advice on…»

3. Pet Photography 101: Tips for taking better photos of your dog or cat

by Andrew Darlow

Selected Tips & Photographs From Pet Photography 101 by Andrew Darlow:Tip #1 Should you buy a DSLR, or a high-end Point and Shoot (a.k.a. a compact camera) to photograph your pets and other family members? What about a camera that can do both stills and video? Andrew gives an overview of what's out there and how to find just the right camera (or cameras) for you and your family. He also covers tips for taking better photos with your camera phone/smartphone…»

4. Professional Techniques for Pet and Animal Photography

by Debrah H. Muska

From posing a wiggly ferret to encouraging a frog to sit in one place, this guide's specialized techniques will benefit both existing animal photographers and newcomers looking to diversify their portrait business. Discussed are the personality traits best suited to the business, ways to create a people- and animal-friendly studio, and tips for making clients and their pets feel at home in the studio through the selection of decor, backdrops, furnishings,…»

5. How to Take Great Pet Pictures: Recipes for Outstanding Results with Any Camera

by Ron Nichols

Photographing beloved family pets can be fun and rewarding-but also challenging. This book lays the foundation for taking fantastic pet photos by covering all the basics, from choosing a camera to deciding between color and black and white film for the portrait. After discussing all of the necessities of photography, various aspects of animal behavior and reasons why animals are difficult to photograph are explained. Also covered are techniques for…»

6. Photographing and "Videoing" Horses Explained: Digital and Film: The Horse Owner's Manual for Improved Portraits, Schooling Tools, Sales and Promotions

by Charles Mann, Stormy May

The perfect practical introduction to photographing and "videoing" horses and a valuable money-earning reference book.»

7. Animal Portraits

by Andy Rouse

Animal Portraits is a fascinating and original collection of photographs from one of the world's top wildlife photographers. Andy Rouse's uncanny ability to go where other photographers hesitate has allowed him to build up a unique collection of images from up close, unusually giving a sense of personality more than showing animal behaviour or habitats. There is the feeling of a real connection with the animals as they look us straight in the eye, often…»

8. Practical Manual of Captive Animal Photography: The Step-By-Step Guide to Photographing Wildlife in Zoos, Aquaria, and Other Controlled Habitats

by Michael Havelin

Photographers don't have to travel on safari or risk life and limb for a portfolio of marketable nature shots. This book teaches the step-by-step techniques necessary for capturing and selling dramatic images of animals in settings such as zoos, nature preserves, and even at home. Beginning with how to approach the animals and avoid danger, this book discusses choosing appropriate subjects, scouting locations, creating suitable settings for smaller animals…»