Best Photography Publishing Books

1. Photo Portfolio Success

by John Kaplan

Standards for portfolios are changing as fast as anything in photography today, and Pulitzer Prize-winner John Kaplan leads photographers of all types to the cutting edge. With informed advice from award-winning photographers, agents, photo buyers and art directors, and top-notch sample images, Kaplan immerses readers in the strategies and standards photographers need to know to get noticed. Kaplan shows how the right editing can help photographers earn…»

2. Creating Digital Photobooks: How to Design and Self-Publish Your Own Books, Albums and Exhibition Catalogues

by Tim Daly

Revealing the simple techniques for creating unique, high quality prints from home with the advancement of digital printing technology, this handy DIY guide illustrates that the costs and complications of printing and displaying photographic work can been dramatically reduced. Whether promoting work, creating a record of a personal project, or designing something as personal as a photo album, this easy-to-follow instructional shows how to use a desktop…»

3. Photo Projects: Plan & Publish Your Photography - In Print & on the Internet

by Chris Dickie

Digital technology now makes it possible for photographers to publish their work in a wide variety of forms and media. This unique book is aimed at photographers who wish to give their work a new direction and focus.Undertaking a personal projectâÄîwhether for a magazine, a book, a website, a commission, or an exhibitionâÄîoffers photographers an opportunity to broaden their horizons and develop their art. This outstanding guide takes photographers through all…»

4. Exhibiting Photography: A Practical Guide to Choosing a Space, Displaying Your Work, and Everything in Between

by Shirley Read

Creating and organizing successful photography exhibitions requires business finesse and expertise as well as artistic ability. Exhibiting Photography offers step-by-step guidance, paired with anecdotes and case studies of real situations to help photographers at any level improve their business skills, explore new exhibiting techniques and learn to self promote with confidence. Addressing the technical and aesthetic concerns of amateur and professional…»

5. The Photographer's Market Guide to Photo Submission and Portfolio Formats

by Michael Willins

A guide for photographers on how to organise their business and sell their photographs to magazines, advertising agencies, design companies, book publishers and galleries. Topics covered include, how to submit work, release contracts, marketing and promotion, and how to build a high-impact portfolio.»